Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plagiarized Duck.

I went and stayed in a beach mansion in the Outer Banks with 30 of my closest friends and 800 LDS singles. I'm too tired to report it all so I'm referring you to the glamorous, witty Hannah, who was right there with me to witness the majesty of Duck.

Oh, except I must add: my friend Ashley tried to kiss a turtle. Ain't no one else reporting on that crazy event on their blog. Turns out, turtles bite. Hard. And her annoying friends laughed. Hard.

Some of the boys.

My girls.
Again, Hannah has great pics on her blog; go there for more. Happy summer, yo! It is officially June, the greatest month of them all!!!


Hannah said...

I'm so honored. Hopefully everyone who reads your amazing and insightful blog will find my one little post about Duck as interesting and they hoped. Loves!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah...liked your post. :) Makes me wish I was young again. Sigh.

Lindsey...you gotta explain your headliner picture there of the island!! MOM