Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy early birthday to ME

*UPDATE for Maria: I'm going to Texas with a group of friends; all the girls are doing a marathon and all the boys are doing a half-ironman. We're basically a fitness cult with a death wish :)

Dear self,

Here you go:

Enjoy 18 weeks worth of running inspiration!

Here's to crossing the finish line of my first 26.2 and crossing a big fat ugly challenge off my bucket list! October 27th. Austin, Texas.

PS Mom I could use some bday $ to finally buy me a little ipod. I'm gonna need it.


Olsen Family said...

Good Luck. Why Austin, TX?

MOM said...

Wow...the real deal, eh? 26.2. Crazy. Let me know what you do for training. Aunt Janeen ran one recently. Her first too. PS- I'll put your b-day gift in the mail tomorrow. :)

Aaron S said...

This is great! Enjoy the training, and don't worry about speed; just get the miles in, no matter how fast/slow. I might join you guys in Austin, but I'm not sure yet :S

Judy Anne said...

I hope you had an awesome birthday!