Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"We are forever incomplete, but fragments of some ungraspable whole. Our unfinished natures — we are never pure actualities but always vague potentials — make life a constant struggle, a bout with the persistent unknown. But this extension into the abyss is also our salvation. To be but a fragment is always to strive for something beyond oneself, something transcendent — an unexplored possibility, an unmapped avenue. This striving is always an act of freedom, of choosing one road instead of another. Though this labor is arduous — it requires constant attention to our mysterious and shifting interiors — it is also ecstatic, an almost infinite sounding of the exquisite riddles of Being."-Eric Wilson

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who would have ever thought you could love something so much?

Grown-up purchase #1 (well, #2 I guess if you count my new bedspread):

.... I might have hugged it after my friend Ryan and I finished putting it together. Which process took 2 hours. %$#* IKEA instructions!

It's so beautiful!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

"I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!" -Mooshu from Mulan

I am alive!

And I am writing to you from the comfort of my newish laptop that seems to be (knock on wood) newly virus free. I wrote a whole angry conspiracy-theory blog three weeks ago about how all computers secretly have it out for me, but as I neared the completion of said rant, my stupid computer froze me out and it was lost. Believe me, if I had published it, you'd have been in agreement- seriously my track record with technology BLOWS.

Computey and I have reconciled in the past two days, though, thanks to Kaspersky Virus Removal tool. And much, MUCH more importantly, I write to you tonight from my very own room, in my very own house!!!!! I haven't lived in a house in 7 years, and of those 7 years, I have always shared a room with various wonderful girls. But as you know from several posts back, I just turned 25. And like family, it was about.... time.

Time to move into a house, be close to the Pentagon City metro stop, and inhabit my own room so that I could study to my grad student heart's content without interruption. And also, just feel like a real adult. Yep, that's what I had decided on May 10th, when I sublet the (shoebox-sized) apartment spot I'd been renting since I first moved out here in January '09. I sublet it with one quick call to a girl at BYU coming out for the summer, and then I started walking up a hill to meet two friends and together sign a lease for the world's most gloriously refurbished townhouse, which we had found earlier that week. Halfway UP that hill, I recieved a call from one of these friends informing me, agitatedly, that our landlord had sold that townhome to someone else half an hour before, and we were officially out of luck. And I was out on the streets.

Thus began an epic 68-day chapter of my life known as "Homelessness." Some of you have heard all about it. Over the last two and a half months I have moved TWELVE times, staying with friends in the area who were gracious and wonderful enough to offer me their spare couch, bed, air mattress, etc, a week or so at a time, so that I might not literally be sharing my bed with the bums out on the street. I held out for the exact contract I wanted (single room, under $600/month, walking distance to metro, cool roommates, HOUSE), and happily, my friend Laney called me a month into my homelessness and let me know that, come July 17th, I could have her roommate's spot. It was a done deal and then i just had to wait out the final 5 weeks. Here is a visual flow chart of my itinerate wanderings up til last Saturday (I am LOVING having a computer to play on, let me tell you!!!):

True, it's a shoebox of a room I live in. BUT it has hardwood floors, windows on TWO sides, a tallish ceiling, and alllllllllllllllll of my stuff in it. It is mine all mine. My couch-surfing stint taught me the life lesson that it is only after you lose something that you truly realize the blessing it was in the first place. The sight of all my stuff, in one place, at my disposal, and four bare walls ripe for the decorating brought tears of gratitude and joy to my eyes that first night. And I am still squealing with delight over each new discovery in this house (today it was the rotating dinner schedule amongst the roommates and TIVO!!!!!!!!!! This place ROCKS!!)

I have absolutely no idea where in this mess my phone charger is (problem.), and it took me a solid 20 minutes to find my curling iron on Sunday.... and I have yet to buy a chest of drawers or a desk or shelves, which means that this whole living out of boxes thing is just gonna keep on going until I can locate and purchase such items. I am looking forward to the challenge, though, and the joy of DECORATING my little corner room had me totally unable to concentrate at work today. Look out world, I am about to be CRAFTY! Jayci Judd, you are going to be so proud of me. I am even planning to sew my own curtains! I took my first step today, retiring my wonderful stripey Target bedspread that I bought when I was 17, and purchasing a grown-up down-filled luxury number (for super cheap at Marshall's. My mom raised me well). My ultimate design scheme revolves around the following palatte:

Cornflower blue, Sunshiney Yellow, Silvery Grey, White and Black accents.

I am also hoping to add a touch of shiney, classy Emerald green if I can locate a suitable accent piece or material (pictured below is Kiera Knightly in Atonement; apparently this emerald dress beat out Scarlett O'Hara's scarlet ensemble to win best movie dress of all time, which I think is total bunk.)

I can't wait to begin! If you have any thoughts or websites or product suggestions, please, Please, PLEASE send them my way, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to decorating and design. I've looked at the coco+kelley blog (thanks Maggie), and boo, they don't seem to sell too much stuff. So I have to do this on my own. My visiting teachers and I have a trip to IKEA planned for Saturday... but I am kind of a whiney purist and want to stay away from their mass-produced trendy items as much as possible. What color should I paint the walls? It's a small, well-lit room that I don't want to feel any smaller. Hee hee hee...

GASP! Look at this couch! Anthropologie.com, why must you do everything so perfectly!?!?! You're like the Marion Cotillard of decorating. Everything I want to do and be, you have already been and done, flawlessly. Be French. Sing like Edith Piaf. Kiss Russell Crowe. Be some dream-hacker's haunting and stunning lover/muse (INCEPTION WAS AMAZING!)

K that's enough for now. Lindsey, signing out, and falling asleep in her little haven.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm in the New York TIMES!!!!

In a round-about way of course. :)

Wednesday, my museum held a press conference in a top-floor room at the super chic Pew Charitable Trust building in Penn Quarter (looked like the one at right but much bigger, and two of the walls were solid glass, looking out over the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building and the National Archives). We four troopers who are stationed out at the NLEM's offsite storage facility had been preparing for this conference for about two weeks, selecting objects from the collection to display to reporters, and listening to/critiquing my boss as she practiced her speech.

The press conference was held to announce that the museum has acquired the estate of J. Edgar Hoover, who, in case you didn't know, is a BIG FREAKING DEAL. He was the Director of the FBI since it became the FBI (1924) all the way til 1972. Aka 48 years as the head of the nation's premiere crime fighting institution! John Dillinger and the other machine-gun slinging gangsters of the 20s? He cut his teeth on their arrests. WWII spies? He was all over them. Communists? He had them shaking in their boots. We at the museum have received everything in his home at his death and more, including his papers, photos, china, uniforms, and a crazy assortment of awards and curios presented to him by rich, famous, powerful, and grateful people all over the world (hundreds of items!!).

Please note how the article mentions the archival needs of the collection. That's ME who is fixing all that right now, as the graduate archival intern (We have a very small staff). Also note where it says, "Ms. Baty and other museum staff members are creating an inventory of all the items. The team has counted about 2,500 items, and Ms. Baty said there may be more than 4,000 items when all is said and done." Other Museum Staff Members = Me and the other intern, Elena. My friend Marissa of course read the article after I had posted it to my Gchat, and she remarked that the article made it sound like there were 20 of us hustling through this process. Nope. A total of four of us. :) I love my job, I'm getting to do so many things way above my pay grade! Oh, and the picture in the article? The photo of Hoover is cropped because my gloved hands are holding up the sides of that frame. I'm SO enjoying the closest I'll get to museum fame right now.

My workweek awesomeness didn't stop there: the next day, we four squealed to see our release written about in the NYTIMES, the Washington Post, the Washington Examiner, several notable law enforcement blogs and newspapers, and many other smaller interest group websites. So cool.

And after that (and after a free lunch at 5 Guys), Laurie introduced me to the historian at the FBI and he invited me to come visit him at FBI headquarters and do a little "shopping" in the FBI's Hoover files, to look and see if there's anything they have that I would like copies of for my archives.

I'm going shopping through the former Director of the FBI's official FBI files in a week and a half. Hehehehe. I'm so excited, I have ALWAYS wanted to go into the beautiful Hoover building. It's so striking (Brutalistic architecture- some people love to lambast it but I think it's very appropriate for its purpose and setting). Plus I just want to know what the freak is going down in there! So mysterious, so imposing. And so closed to visitors since last year. Hehehe but I'm going in!

K it is late and night and I've got to go. Sorry for the lack of posts lately; my computer unfortunately contracted a virus so I can only write when borrowing a machine, like now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

So this will be brief.

My name is Lindsey, and I am going camping in five minutes. My sister Wee is awesome.

mY name is Wee i get 5 sentensces, i tired cause i wokeded up at 630 to write words. I ate a brownie. it was delectablej. I think my family is the best because we are cool and prety. Also, im in love with alex/twitch but ynni got to hug him, shes great ttoo.

Click me! Wee and Ynny Know You Wont Regret It- It's Alex and Twitch's SICK AWESOME hip-hop routine on So You Think You Can Dance, "Get Outta Yo Mind."