Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Overt Drooly Girly Post during the NBA Finals

You are about to wonder if my blog has been hijacked.

Because all I want to do is record my thoughts at the outset of the 2012 NBA Finals, which I have been following judiciously with Spencie for the last month.

I think it was in Game 7 that Bass got a fantastic dunk over
Wade.  I almost cried I was so happy for Bass.
You know you've made it professionally when you can
dunk and come down on a surprised D.Wade.
I'm sad the Celtics lost. Real sad. But not ultimately surprised. Rondo, Allen, Bass, Pierce, and Garnett, I salute you. I have loved your team since my 2008 visit to your city. And now that your team lost and some of you slunk off the court crying like 12-year-olds, I have turned my allegiance over temporarily to my favorite NBA player, Dwyane Wade, and his team, the Heat.

I'm enjoying defending this choice, especially since everyone on FB and their mom has decided to bandwagon onto the Kevin Durant train. Granted, they have good reason. It's going to be a great series between two fantastic teams. But I hope the Durant-ians will ultimately be disappointed. Because, let's face it: it's LeBron's year! Uh, I mean, AND D. Wade's year (again!)

(Pause while I hand a tissue to a certain Clevelandite I know...).

Ok, so mostly I love D. Wade because he said in an interview during the 2008 Olympics that he has like 1,000 pairs of shoes, and because he is a fantastic single dad and a committed philanthropist. AND because he is far and away the best dressed player in the NBA. Multitudinous proof:

(Pause to wipe drool...)

Ladies, for making your Wednesday morning, you are welcome.

Ahem. I'll keep this short and sweet because, let's be real: I am a girl, I get into sports for their human performance and emotional aspects, and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my analytics-able readers who actually know a pick-and-roll when they see one (actually, I finally learned what that looks like on Saturday night, thanks to Coach Spencer!).


Heat win in 6 (I want to say 5 but I'll say 6 for the Durant-ians' sake). Lebron MVP. Kevin Durant puts in a great show, gets hungry for a ring next year. Battier continues to surprise me with his ability to suddenly sink 3's and I actually learn his first name (He was my favorite player to hate last week v. the Celts). That is all. For now. GO HEAT!

PS For all of you who know how much I love USC/BYU football, no, I don't know where all this fanhood for East Coast teams has come from. Don't worry, it's limited to pro sports, aka the boring sports (compared to the NCAA and the Olympics!!!).


MOM said...

Go Lindsey...Go Lindsey...Go Lindsey...Go Lindsey!!! On behalf of all the girls, we are impressed.

Spencer said...

Mom says funny things. Your welcome for showing you what a pick and roll is! You are good to watch them with me and get excited about all of them. You know how to be attractive to the boys.

Prediction: Thunder in 7. Each team wins a game in the other's home court, but Thunder win at home in game 7.