Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scraps of Father's Day sentiments

Laughing Dad. (And Mom doing the Q-tip. And Spencer shimmying maybe?)
Today I'm just flipping through old writings and recognizing how far my Dad has come, what he's accomplished as a man, a husband, and a father. And I just keep on being reminded, as I browse through old emails and journal entries, what a sweetheart this guy is. I'm so grateful for that quality in him, that tenderness that causes him to cry when he talks to us about our futures and his hopes for us all. It has humbled him over time and caused him to work through his natural man tendencies. It takes a big man to step forward and face flaws. Not that my Dad is afflicted with anything big. He just has always striven to be better, smarter, more thoughtful, more patient, harder working, and more communicative over time. And you know what? It shows. Thank you, Dad.

Tonight he's driving home from Provo, having just dropped off his baby, Miss Katie, at BYU. He steered that bird away from the nest this weekend. Congratulations, Dad! What a beautiful job you have done overseeing our household for the last... almost 27 years. I know Heavenly Father is truly proud of you. Happy Father's Day.


{From an old letter I wrote to my Dad}

I am particularly glad to write about what our friendship means to me, because it is
something that I think has really grown and been strengthened this past year. Daddy,
you, with the help of your superb wife, successfully grew me up and released me into
the wild last year. Can we say that yet? Yes, I think it’s about time. And thus, while
your special calling of counselor and steward is still there, special facets of it are now
gleaming in ways never seen before… like the fact that I call you on hard days and we
can commiserate for a while, as equals… before you take over and dole out the fatherly
wisdom. Good times. Thanks for listening. I like those days when I look down at my
phone and know that the only speed dial number that will do the trick is yours. I’m very
thankful for the opportunity to speak to you and hear your thoughts about the plan God
has for us, and the love he has for us, for our family, for the members of our church, and
for everyone we will ever meet and more.

Since elementary school, friendships have been one of the most mysterious and cherished
commodities I have ever sought after. At ever stage in life it seems, I have to re-learn the
same simple principle: some things in life you can’t achieve by thinking. Some things
require only your heart’s guidance, openness, and leadership. Friendship is the first and
foremost of these kinds of mysterious attainments. I hope to be able to teach my kids how
to let their hearts swell with joy in the goodness, the fun, the wisdom, and the value of
others they meet. I hope to show them that by doing so they will be opening the doors to
real and true friendships, one of life’s most durable happiness makers.

Because every time I hit rock bottom, it is the memory of the simple, uncomplicated joy
of laughing with someone that brings me back to reality, to peace.

Thank you, Dad, for the peace you bring. Thank you for trying your best. I love you. I
know Heavenly Father loves you. Happy Father’s day.


{Journal entry from the day Spencer was released as a missionary}

- We arrived earlier than President Parker, so we sang hymns around the piano while we waited, which he loved as he came in to greet us.
- He told us we have a special, righteous unity in our family, rare even for members of the church. (Just treasure this, don't be prideful of that though).
- Asked Spence for some of his favorite stories from his mission, more than one came from the time period near the end of his mission.
- "You have four people in this room who will be able to tell almost instantaneously if the girl you (Spencer) bring home is good- your mom and your sisters." Dad perked up and Pres. Parker affirmed that Dad is pretty wise, too.
-Go get education, hit the ground running, follow God's plan for you.
- As the president talked, we all held hands and cried or smiled as we sat there for over an hour hearing counsel as a family. President asked Dad his advice to us and, in the sweet, soft-cracking voice that Dad can get, he encouraged Spencer and me to marry up, just like he did.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Lindsey. Your words mean a lot to us. Thank you for your generous thoughts. We love you guys. You always make us proud and bring us happiness. I can see why the plan of happiness is all about families and people! We love you and are so happy we'll get you forever! Love you, MOM

Judy Anne said...

Your Dad Rocks!