Friday, June 29, 2012

Swoon-worthy Swimming Video

I particularly appreciated THIS  little bday
note from JBro. Seriously. I love my people.
I had a FANTASTIC birthday yesterday (pics to follow shortly thanks to the talented Ashley Crist who flew out and surprised me this week!). Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday through texts, emails, FB, calls, flowers, cards, and attendance at my burger bar + brave party last night! I am rich with friends!

So, I am catching up on my tv during Cobb's nap right now and caught this surprise on the USA Swim trials last night. ADORABLE. Way to snag a winner, Annie!

PS I LOVE watching swim, the sport I lettered in, in high school. Only in swim do I know more about what's happening technically on the screen than any other sports fan watching with me (apart from Kathy and Kim Gardner, my two East Coast swim buddies).

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Lauren Kay said...

ADORABLE! I love it!