Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Good Bye

Said good bye to best friend Michelle tonight.


I'm sad.

I think I'll go to the beach for a week...

Thanks for everything, Michelle. You are one of those friends I will keep forever, no matter where on earth we live. I love you. You are SO much fun, and so amazingly thoughtful.  I love how brave you are. I love how much we think in sync, how we never have to apologize when we say what we really are thinking or feeling, because the other person already understands.You have made the last two years in DC so memorable. And there are many good times to come!

See you sometime before December. :)


Lindsey's MOM...Ann C. said...

Michelle...if you're ever in Vegas, you have a place to stay or someone to call on. :)

Spencer said...

What a babe!!!