Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flying Colors

A couple of personal notes:

1. "I am pleased to inform you that you passed your Qualifying Paper requirement with flying colors." Great way to start my day :) I'm going to graduate!!!!!!!

2. This video had me rolling, especially since, as you all know, I know how it feels to publicly humiliate myself on a treadmill:

Forget just giving you the link, I'm reposting the story of my treadmill fiasco. Because it still makes me laugh so hard!!!!

And then, there was the granddaddy of all Lindsey-is-retarded moments, when I closed my eyes for a second to pant while on a treadmill in the Provo 24-Hour... and opened them in time to feel myself at the very edge of the belt, and then got shot backwards across the room onto my back! Undeterred, I hopped right back on the treadmill, having forgotten that it was still spinning around at a decent running pace of 6 mph. In quick succession, the spinning belt knocked my extended foot out from under me, caused me to crash to my knees on the treadmill belt (skinning both of them), and then shot me, again, off the back of the treadmill, roughing up my shins on the back cylinder as I passed by. I clambered up, still undeterred (the iPod blaring high-energy Beyonce helped block the pain). I reached around to turn the speed knob DOWN this time, and about 5 seconds later, I snuck a glance at the line of treadmills to see if anyone had noticed. At least FIVE runners had STOPPED their treadmills and were staring, mouths open, at me; the guy directly to my left mouthed, "ARE YOU OK??" incredulously, to which I just breathlessly replied, "Yea! Whew! I'm fine!" Then I turned around to face the tv monitors again.... and tried in vain to ignore the shooting pains of sweat seeping into the open wounds on my knees and shins.
 3. I finally got back to running this week, albeit with knee wraps. I am SO thankful for the ability to run, NOTHING improves my mood, clears my junk-food cravings, or makes me feel as motivated and happy as running. Truly, I thank Heavenly Father for the blessing of running every time I get out there.

4. I miss New York with Jess and Olivia... and while I was IN New York, I missed New York with Dani and Ashley. Thank you, all of my friends, for being the hilarious, adventurous, loving sweet people you are.


Aaron S said...

So many things to love in this post. Wish I'd been at 24-Hour that day to see your moment of treadmill glory. And I completely agree on the benefits of running.

Maggie said...

CONGRAATSSSS Lindsey! Of course you passed with flying colors.

Lauren Kay said...

1. Congratulations!!!!
2. LOVED the video.
3. Something I learned in NYC this past weekend? The Frick Collection is free on Sunday mornings. Maybe you already knew. If you didn't, you're welcome, I love that museum sooo much but can't justify forking out $20 every time I'm there and looking for a quick art fix.

Katie said...

congrats on your "flying colors!"

um, how did I NOT know your treadmill story? when did this happen. That is hilariously painful to think about. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. The video was grand as well. Did you notice one of the guys at the beginning left a nice hole in his wall? cuh-ray-zy!

jbroclayto said...

FLYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I knew you would the whole time. :)