Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Pretend Diary That's Actually Not Even Close To Private,

Feeling a little low tonight, and guess what I did with that feeling?

I deleted numbers out of my phone! One of modern life's most poetic and purposeful, though simplistic, acts. The following is my paean to this evening's act of daring: my drawing (or rather, erasing) of certain people's lines in my sand... phone.

I rarely delete numbers. Ok, a few times out of rage, but I honestly can count those on one hand, and still have fingers left over. The majority of my scant deletions actually stem from sheer undiluted disinterest. I know we will never see one another again, you served a purpose in my life at one point in time and I in yours, and that time has passed. The only way we will meet again is if we randomly move into the same family ward in 30 years. No, strike that-in the past, the quickest way to come off my phone is if your name is just one letter in the alphabet ahead of a person whose number I ACTUALLY dial frequently. YOU, Jess-B-Not-Jess-Clayton, must be booted out so I can get to my bestie faster. Sorry.

The result of this lax attitude towards deleting numbers means that I have (correction- I HAD!) a few former fellas and friends in my little phone for whom I bear no ill will, but tonight... they are gone. Snip snip snip. That's the sound of my last electronic string to them being cut (unless we're fb friends. Which reminds me, my list needs a good pruning...).

Ahem. Good-bye former flames. I remember the good times, and hopefully learned from the bad. Hope you and your wives and kids, or you and your Master's degrees, are doing well :)

Good-bye old work contacts. None of us work at the bakery any more, let's be honest: that was kind of a he**hole. We've made it through and we're on to bigger and better things! Viann, you were super cool. Go become a doctor now.

Not even sure who that person was/is, that was back in the day when I didn't enter people's last names in my phone... oh the follies of youth.

And there you have it. A clean break with the past. All is right in the world. Feeling great.

And do you know what else feels great? Let me tell you a story. During finals last semester I received a voicemail from an unknown number. The voice was male, roughly my age. He greeted me by name and then proceeded (rather nervously) to tell me that he had had a great time with me and was wondering if he could take me out for hot chocolate or... dinner or something... soon. Mind you, I hadn't a CLUE who this man (he identified himself as Nick at some point in the VM) was; his number most certainly did not occupy one of the coveted semi-permanent slots in the LC Address Book. Nevertheless, I was intrigued. I listened to the message again, giggling at his very clear smitten-ness with this "Lindsey"--my alter ego?-- and then I heard it: something about taking me to dinner at a restaurant in Provo. And in a second, it clicked. NICK. I had climbed Y mountain with him during homecoming at BYU in 2008. He was a stranger, a friend of a friend, who just happened to be in the Santa B parking lot when Jess Clayton and I were setting out on a girl date to the Y, which we were all too happy to turn into a boy date. The evening was very memorable (but that's a story for a more private diary...). And apparently I had given him my number. And four years later, he still had it in his phone, and in his nervousness at calling and getting a second date with some other charming Lindsey, he had dialed me.

Young and innocent and on top of the world!
Aka Y Mountain.
I take it as a high compliment that I was still in his phone :) Maybe he's a slow deleter like I am. I can't remember if I called him back or not. I think I texted him to alert him of his mistake. Didn't want to embarrass him too much or let him think this other Lindsey didn't have a good time with him, too! I hope he marries that Lindsey. I hope that, one quiet evening, just before he realizes she's the one, he finally gets sick of scrolling past this OTHER Lindsey's name to get to his sweetheart's name. Hopefully I get deleted at that moment. That's ok by me. It makes for a great story.


Aaron S said...

Deleting unneeded phone numbers and Facebook contacts is a great feeling. Glad you enjoyed it!

jbroclayto said...

YAY! one step closer to the top....:) Haha! THAT was an epic night. Oh man. I love you Best Friend. Kindred Spirits Forever.

Anonymous said...

Heh he he he. made me chuckle. Great story. :)

I love how you can always turn things around. You always had that ability when you made up your mind. I used to say, "She can turn things around on a dime." And it was true.

You have a fun weekend and enjoy the play! We'll be helping in the kitchen at Kyle Stucki's wedding. (Yep...the Stucki's beat the Christensen's. I don't mind this one for some reason.) :) Love, MOM

Nick (aka Ld:)) said...

Hey Lindsey, This is Nick. You don't remember me? Ouch. I'm not the Provo Nick, I am the one from... oh, never mind. Best wishes with those other lucky fellows who get to stay on your phone. You are awesome.

Marissa said...

I fully support this! Hope the phone therapy did wonders for you... also I hope I have a permanent place on your phone because I plan on stalking you for the rest of your life. And let's be honest... the chances that I leave several awkward voicemails on your phone are nearly 100%. :)