Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ensign, Peace, and Peace Out

Late night, just waiting for my laundry to finish so I can pack for New York... it's been a long and busy few weeks, I tells ya. Thesis, Half-marathon, injuries, a challenging Relief Society lesson, two midterms, one museum registrar interview...

Baby O and Auntie Lindsey at xmas
... etc. I came home tonight exhausted. I have given life all I've got. Tomorrow at 5:30 am I will set out, tiny but heavy overnight bag in hand, to see my best friend and her beautiful baby in New York City. And we'll traverse the Met, and savor Serendipity, and see the Hunger Games with some NY friends. I can't wait. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves soon enough.

Tonight, as my whites spun, I picked up the Ensign (Minerva Teichert's on the cover! I feel like that's the first time I've seen her there!), forgoing my habit lately of starting a tv show to let my mind unwind. I'm so incredibly grateful I did. Every article, every story spoke to me. Everything had something to do with my current worries.

Touch Me Not. Minerva Teichert. 1939.
Oil on Canvas. BYU MoA.
I want to be a better communicator.

I want to be a good nanny to sweet little Cobb.

I worry sometimes that I'm not giving it my all, or that my all is... all wrong.

I need and want to come closer to Jesus Christ, to remember who He truly is and invite him into my life.

Oh, blast... is still broadcasting the March issue of the Ensign, not this nice new April issue that's been enlightening my heart and soul for the past spin cycle. Well, SPOILER ALERT- Minerva Teichert's on the cover of the April Ensign and there are good, good things to be learned within its pages. Enjoy.

My roommate Kathryn reads this blog sometimes... just wanted to tell her I love her.

PS if you're reading this on Google Reader, I'm inviting you to click over to the real thing, just so you can enjoy this month's header, a glorious Vermeer I picked out 'specially for you, from the NGA's new and exciting image-share website. Oh, the resolution! The glorious, enormous resolution!!!


M.C. Sommers said...

"I worry sometimes that I'm not giving it my all, or that my all is...all wrong."

You put that so perfectly. I have that fear as well. It's hard to know what "giving it your all" even means.

Love the new header. And you totally inspired me to go read our Ensign. Definitely a better choice than the tv.

MOM said...

You've changed your main picture a lot lately (they've been fun), but this one is BEAUTIFUL! I was going to ask you the story behind it, but I did a "Lindsey" and looked it up myself. (I see you smiling.) So...Vermeer's 1665/6 piece called "Woman Holding a Balance" has made my morning. Thank you for posting it. :) The gentle peace and serenity that is her. She is a religious being who recognizes there are riches of this world but who is, herself, grounded in the things of the Lord, and she calmly goes about bringing goodness to those around her. I'm guessing it was uncommon to feature a pregnant woman in a painting, so I would assume he did that on purpose. I'd love insight to that. (I didn't dig far enough as you can see. I'll let you expound now.) Perhaps it represents the sweet tie woman have to God in bringing His children into this world and nurturing them under His watchful care? (Side note: I love her coat.)

PS- Have a glorious weekend, and hugs and kisses to Jessica and her sweet babycakes!