Saturday, February 4, 2012

Philly anyone?

This NYTimes review of what appears to be a refreshingly well-focused van Gogh exhibit had me looking up bus tickets to Philadelphia today. 

Art historian Anabelle Kienle examined some of van Gogh's lesser known (but colorific) works, given that the artist emphasized in his letters to friends and family a close examination of nature, even and especially a single blade of grass, in order to bring one's soul to peace and harmony. How did such a philosophical motto affect his landscapes and still-lifes? The works on view showcase his long, quick brush strokes, which, reviewer Roberta Smith notes, "come closest to to approximating the texture of nature, one stalk, leaf or blade at a time, without forfeiting their vitality as paint on canvas." Never in my life have I seen an artist use such vibrant blues, arresting greens, and shimmering, striking lines of paint to create works that bring peace. You don't even see these colors in nature. And yet, his works feel exactly like every serene hike you've ever taken. For this I love van Gogh, and always will. I'm so excited to see this show.


MOM said...

Speaking of green...that's me. I'm green with envy! I want to go with you! I love Van Gogh!

Marissa said...

I LOVE the Philadelphia Museum of Art! It's gorgeous! I went there a decade ago (gasp!) and it really was one of the highlights of that East coast trip. Go. Go now. Well, go when your thesis is done :)