Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh yea, that crucial thing...

Have I mentioned the fact that my qualifying paper (my school's version of a Master's thesis) is due in TWO WEEKS?

Have I described to you the scene of chaos that is my room right now? Books in piles. Notes, drafts, illustrations, inspirational quotes pasted haphazardly everywhere. And in the middle of the storm, my new computer whirs, calm and serene. It holds the key, my beautiful rough draft, which I have been furiously, tragically hacking away at for the last 96 hours. That C. S. Lewis metaphor about houses that the Savior painfully remolds into mansions seems applicable here. Come on, little paper. You've got genius in you. No one has ever addressed the topic of King Menelik's diplomatic, artistic self-presentation quite like you. We can do it. Be cool. Like King Menelik.

My hero.

Also, thanks JBro for this picture, it is truly a work of art from which I get daily inspiration (possibly because the blankies make her look like a little African baby and immediately put me back into paper writing mode):

Also, congrats to my approximately 18,000 friends who have announced they are pregnant. 

Also, don't actually pay attention to my inclusion of the picture of a panic button above. I'm not panicked... that will probably kick in next week...


MOM said...

Love baby face there! Too sweet.
Also, you'll be in our prayers every day to the master paper is mastered...haha... You da bomb.

PS- Tell me about the picture at the awesome! Fairies? Fireflies? Dew drops catching the sun? Anyway, I love it.

And I love YOU.

jbroclayto said...

yay, African baby! I'm pretty sure you should doctor it up and use it in your paper somehow. :)
I love you.

Marissa said...

I love you! You got this!

For inspiration:

NO! That doesn't mean you can watch the other 1,000 videos too... just these two :)