Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flying letters

6 days until thesis is done. I don't know if I can write any more today. Soooo tired.

I only watched about 15 minutes of the Oscars on Sunday, enough to see the Bridesmaid actresses announce the best animated short film and play a round of the Scorcese drinking game. Even before the bridesmaids handed their bottles of Vodka and little golden statues to the makers of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, I knew it was going to win. The little snippet they showed of it was fantastic! imaginative! and wondrous! I bet it was even good for non-book-lovers.

My friend M.C. is an editor, she posted her excellent commentary on this little movie here, you should read it. I'll just add that it took me some places I did not expect me to go, and I absolutely love how the composer took the simplest nursery rhyme ditty and created all sorts of poignant emotive variations on it as the story went on... bleh. I told you I was through writing today. Can't properly describe even a cute 15 minute video. Enjoy!

I find myself in need of a few more creative prompts like these to keep writing today:

Just follow the light of Erendil, our most beloved star.
As the flames from the burning bras climbed higher and higher, the first all-women's fire brigade was born of sheepish necessity.
You: finish editing page 10. You: buy groceries. You: worry about my personal life. You: call mom and talk to her for hours about how great she is. You: babysit Cobb. You: brainstorm the changes in perception of reality in photographs from 1898 to the present. You: go to the NMAFA library and double check our sources.  The rest of you can have the day off. Bye clones, I'm going to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

Tried to create beauty. I got mixed results.
I'll can only tell you this story in person. There's a lot of hang gestures involved.
The girl on the right is most definitely my every Monday.
Library, actually. I have too much respect for objects in museums to touch them, and so I would get bored after 15 years in a museum. And zoo, well... monkeys wouldn't be as good company as the classic fiction section. 
I snuck a square of lavendar dark chocolate from my boss's secret sweets stash the other day.  If you ever want to know what lavendar chocolate tastes like, take a handful of bitter greens, spritz them with your old rancid Plumeria Body Spray from sophomore year in high school, drizzle with chocolate, and enjoy. Or, spit out into the trash and follow with hurried swigs of Crystal Light.
Your turn!


Ld said...


M.C. Sommers said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

Go go go on your thesis! I'm seriously so proud of you.

I love all of these prompts. I'll have to sit down and write some fun stories.

MOM said...

Loved the flying books movie!! I am in awe of people and their imaginations and skill to deliver it. And yep,...the many versions of "Pop Goes the Weasel" was clever. Loved your fun narratives to the pictures. I especially liked your pink ax lady interpretation. haha :)