Friday, August 3, 2012

This is Spencer.

He is my brother. He followed me out to DC seven months ago. He is one of my best friends. Spencer makes really great funny faces and is one of the best listeners (for a boy) I've ever met. Recently a friend was a little upset upon realizing I was not, in fact, dating this tall blonde guy he'd seen me hanging around with. Meep. This was a funny/weird moment. 99% of the time, as soon as people are told we are siblings, they exclaim, "Oh my gosh! You guys look so much alike!" And yet... 30 seconds ago you assumed we were dating. Weird how that works. Anywho, here is a blog to set the record straight. Spencer is my brother, and he is neat. That is all.

Yesterday he had a bad day so I packed up Cobb and some chicken and veggies and we made lunch in his beautiful skylit house and watched the 'Lympics. And threw a volleyball down the hall about 1,000 times for Cobb to chase. My gosh kids are easily entertained. Cobb adores Spencer, reaches up to hold his finger whenever we're touring around. Today Spencer had another bad day, so he came over to my house... and we watched the 'Lympics. We're really creative in this family, I know. And we're really REALLY good at yelling at the tv.

I've had some requests recently for a renaissance of art posts on my blog, and so ye shall receive. If Spencer were an artwork this is what he'd be:

The Truant, by Roger Randolph (American). SAAM. Marble. 1853.

The reasons why this one popped into my mind are convoluted and personalized, but here's a rough sketch:

1. "The Truant." The kid is skipping school to go skating. Now, Spencer doesn't skate, but once upon a time he used to ditch school often with his band buddies and go ghostriding the van around Summerlin, hurling water cups at passersby. Troublemaker!! Those were his younger, foolish days, though, rest assured...

2. "The Truant" is clearly a thoughtful young man, as evidenced by the careful step the statue takes out onto the ice. Spencer is likewise thoughtful in all his friendships and actions. I like that about him. It's not like he's indecisive (in fact, he RARELY solicits my advice when making decisions, which is annoying, since I frequently hit him up to "translate" boy-speak to me and advise me, and I would love to return the favor). He takes a lot of things into consideration when making a decision and then moves forward, simply, straightforwardly. This is an excellent way to be.

3. Curly nice hair. Spencer has always had GNARLY hair, even when he was a bebe (he is two years my junior, and I still vividly remember baby Spence's tiny, awesome mane). Fro-able, buzz-able, he looks pretty good in all styles. And he's not going bald. Way to be, dude!

4. Whenever I take Cobb to visit SAAM he LOOOOVES to stop and look at this statue. "Baby!" he cries out (Cobb is very attenuated to babies right now). Cobb loves statue, Cobb loves Spencer. That's the end of that nuanced connection.

5. Marble. Aligned with the straighfoward/thoughtful facet of Spencer's personality is a little bit of a hard-nosed, argumentative block of stone. Meaning, once he has thought through an issue or an opinion, there ain't nothing in this universe gonna convince him otherwise. Which can be good, because I like a good intellectual sparring partner, but it definitely has its downsides too (the ongoing stalemate over whether or not girls should be able to buy and enjoy the use of beach cruisers is a perfect example. Don't get him started on this subject. Snooty roadbike guy!).

Spencer asked for a blog about himself today. I realized it was about his turn, having lavished e-praise on mom, dad, Marcus, and Katie already (Marie's day is also yet to come. BUT. It is coming). What else can I say about this young man? I brag about this a lot to friends, but I guess it can go on the interweb as well: Spencer is a FANTASTIC dater, I admire that about him. He sees a girl who seems interesting, chats her up, gets number, takes her out until he or she not longer wants to go out, starts process over again with minimal moping. In our little LDS bubble where dating, marriage, and love remain the ultimate topic of conversation and personal challenge, I like knowing and seeing that my brother has his shiz together. And I like that he's in DC so I can send him gently in the way of all my favorite girls.

Best publishable example of the weird faces o' Spencer.
Spencer lets me take him shopping, and for the most part allows me to dress him (YAY!). Spencer has a rather high-pitched little boy giggle that he lets loose whenever he's talking to people he thinks are SUPER funny. My roomie Kelly and I can really get him going, and it is a GREAT sound.

Spencer gives great hugs and, if you can't tell by now, is a total lover boy who really cares about the people around him. He has this MARVELOUS ability to get people talking about sensitive subjects. I can not do that very well and I admire his magical powers. Spencer has an easy-going, approachable manner that makes everyone around them tell him about their deepest thoughts. He's well suited for the profession he's getting ready for, Industrial Business Psychology (aka therapy for CEO's who don't want to admit they need therapy). I'm so happy to have him around. Thanks for being you, Spence. You rule.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Spencer is great. We miss having him around. Love you both. Aunt Betty

Aaron S said...

Such a funny pic of you in the fountain, and his face is pretty great in it, too.