Sunday, June 21, 2009


My dad calls people whose name he can't remember "Lucky" or "Chief" depending on their gender. He cannot convincingly lie, ever, and as my mom has observed with wicked laughter, his nostrils flare tellingly when he tries!! My dad has hated fish my whole life long, but loves those little scalding-hot pepper flakes on all his other meals (weirdo). Whenever he tries to dance he... well, we'll just say it tickles our funny bone to watch. My dad has been a faithful home teacher his whole life, a feat accomplished by very, very few. His voice gets really small when he has to convey something important, which can either be terrifying because you know you're really in trouble, or awesome because you can feel how close his heart is to his favorite subjects. My dad is the 5th of 6 kids, and maintains a strong love of family; the C________s are a wild and crazy bunch of teddy bears and I love how often we see each other year in and year out.

My dad loves to think outside the box, and his way of conceiving new ideas and pushing the boundaries of thought has left an indelible mark on the minds of his children. He is a completely devoted husband and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and the best part of his personality shows forth when you talk to him about these two subjects. He was the first person to show me how to swim the butterfly. He was the maniacal boat driver that left me wary of going tubing forever! (Yet I still love to wakeboard... haha! Can't wreck that out of me! Although... he tried. Once he just left me all by my lonesome in the middle of Lake Mead after a run, afloat in my gear. At twilight. I just had to lay back and talk to God in the sunset for half an hour while he and the kids packed up camp back at the beach. Good times). My dad never lets a good subject for debate rest, particularly if it involves architecture or Mitt Romney.

When I went to Europe in summer '07, it was as if he was always there; everywhere I went I observed cool buildings and artworks that I wished I could show him, because he's so good at pointing out to me what's so ingenious or copycat-errific about them. By the end of that study abroad all my classmates practically missed him, too-- I was unafraid to share with them the lens through which I view the world, which my dad in particular gave me (my co-traveller Ashley just confirmed that to me this weekend- we went to the National Gallery together and she said she wished I had gone with her on her latest trip to Belgium, cuz she missed all the times I would remark, "My dad loves glass walls that do this..." or, "My dad thinks architecture can be inspiring without gargoyles stuck all over it!" etc.) I love him especially for the way he and my mother both raised me with a special eye for things that just shine. For ideas, people, buildings, flavors, sunsets, stories and adventures that make life so dang worthwhile. It is the never-ending search for the new and exciting that I hope to be able to pass on to students, friends, and loved ones throughout my life.

My dad is a great man who works harder and with more honesty and commitment to building the kingdom than anyone I know. I love him. I'm really grateful that he has continually lead our family on a great and glorious path. I know I just showed you this photo, but it really is my favorite, so you get to see it again. I love it because it symbolizes my favorite part of my relationship with my dad- the way he puts me on an equal level with him, allowing me to see the beauties and mysteries of the world as he does, while encouraging me to form good ideas, make good observations, and ask great questions, too.


Judy Anne said...

Your dad is awesome. I admire how much he loves me too. He is the first one to show up for me, no matter what I am into. I am glad mom and dad made sure that 'number 5 is alive!"

Jayci said...

and who taught you how to write so well? :o) Your mom and dad sure have had tremendous influence on you in your ways of art and testimonial aspects. I really love your family. Your dad just seems like an all around wonderful guy. :) Your lucky mom!! And your lucky dad!! They are quite the team.

MOM said...

What a guy! I think I'll marry him. :)

PS-Will you speak at my funeral? (That's a compliment and in no way meant to worry you or freak you out.)

You just described Dad to a "T"; even I couldn't have put it so well. Amazing girl. Amazing Eric. I love you guys!

Ld said...

Dear lucky chief Linds,

I don't know the guy you over-estimate, but he sure is glad he has you as his severely embellishing, fault overlooking, rose colored glass clad baby. I'm afraid the bar is so low for home teaching and work these days that I get extra credit for the little I do do. I'm not stupid nor humble though, I'll take more credit than I should with the hope to store some up to apply as salve when I mess up again tomorrow. I will try even harder to not let you down. I appreciate you and your great efforts.

I would like to point out however, that it wasn't the MIDDLE of the lake and my dancing is awesome and fish is fishy. Who is Mitt Romney again? Oh yea, that flip flopping loser with all the experience.

With a desire for continued full disclosure, your blog also needs correction with regard to the equalities you assert I put you on. With respect, it must be noted that you are at a far higher level than me.

Thanks for letting me associate with you. It's one of the great mercies in my little life.

Love, Ld (Linds' dad)

PS., Focus, stupid boys. This lucky chief is a star of meteoric degree. Just like her momma.

Jen said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad Linds! I loved reading it. He must be a pretty darn amazing man because he sure raised one darn amazing daughter!

So, I'm needing to send off baby shower invites and I'd love your address (yes... I know you won't be able to make it, but I want you to know your invited!!). Breann and I have been playing phone tag for a couple weeks, and I still haven't been able to get in touch with her yet. You don't know, by chance, what her current address is do you? Anyways, you can just email me at Thanks!!