Monday, August 27, 2012

{Round 3} Odds and ends of a Jurassic nature...

Topic: Dinosaur Olympics. Now wouldn't that be a sight to behold? I have in my head the fantastical image of a T-Rex arm-wrestling a stegosaurus, losing, and then biting the stegosaurus in half. I would pay good money to see that!! But I wouldn't want to be the one to give the T-Rex his medal.

There is a gold mine of T-Rex related sports memes out there, who knew? Here are a few.
This one^ was my favorite because tetherball defeated me too, many times. I feel your pain, big guy.

Did you know Michael Phelps wrote a book? But not just any book. A DINOSAUR OLYMPIC BOOK. Someone buy me this please:

Per the Amazon summary, here is what we learn from Phelps' book:

A champion at the 2008 Beijing Olympics explains the training schedule that allowed him to accomplish the first-of-its-kind feat of winning eight Olympic gold medals. For example, the author states, "I got so strong from training that my legs could press 300 pounds 60 times in one workout. That's 18,000 pounds total, or nine tons! I could leg-press a Tyrannosaurus Rex and 10 velociraptors!" Providing an overview of an Olympian's rigorous preparations, this picture book may be useful for parents or coaches attempting to inspire children.

I already love Phelps, but creating a child's book to motivate young athletes puts him in the same lovable category as athletes from small countries, i.e. Guor Marial, who requested and was granted approval to run the Olympic marathon without a country. He is from the brand-spanking-newly-created country of South Sudan (which had no Olympic committee) and he refused to run for Sudan. Read this summary of his incredible, determined journey for inspiration. I will definitely dedicate a mile or two of my marathon to him. (Personal update: half-way through marathon training! 148 miles run so far! Definitely feeling it in my feet, they've never been pounded this consistently. Oh, another personal update: school starts tomorrow. LAST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL. Eep. Wish me luck!)

(9 out of 13. BOOM. These are getting harder. But Jordan, a magnificent and kindly writer himself, deserves after-work dessert, and I need a challenge! To be continued...)

Update: I ran around a few museum websites looking for dinosaurs. I ended up learning a little bit about the history of film! From MOMA's website:

Did you know that the first animated film began as a bet between two newspaper cartoonists? Winsor McCay was inspired to create Gertie the Dinosaur by studying the Apatosaurus at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History. He and his assistant drew ten thousand sketches on rice paper, including backgrounds on every page. It premiered in 1914 in Chicago at a dinner party for McCay and his friends—which was the prize for winning the bet!

Here is the film, a whole 8 minutes long. Adorable. 1915. That was almost 100 years ago. Enjoy watching history:

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MOM said...

Oh my gosh. That was random! I never dreamed of reading about dinosaurs and Olympics, let alone watching the oldest animated film in history, when I got up this morning! Never a dull moment with my Lindsey. :)