Sunday, November 14, 2010

Expecto Patronum: For Katie

We were in the middle of an epic Harry Potter marathon this evening when I began to consider all of my happiest memories, the kind that would repel soul-sucking Dementors via their clarity, depth, and warmth if I lived in Harry Potter world and, you know, had a wand and the Expecto Patronum charm at my command.

I later listed some of those most random, happy memories (I filled up two pages- blessed life!). Here is just one such memory for you, the one I will use to keep me smiling when I go to sleep in a few minutes:

Age 9. I look at my beautiful mother, with her long, long straight golden hair (complete with tower of bangs), still-slightly-gap-toothed smile, and rounded blue shirt. She invites me to come sit next to her on the couch and feel the baby kick. My sister. She was getting so big in there and soon I would meet her! Was I ready to be a big sister again? Yes, I think so, I reply solemnly. Kick, kick.

She's the short one.
And that is my first memory of Katie. A month or two after this happy episode, she was born. The last of us Eric and Ann offspring, her arrival was basically the touchstone of our young family life, the crowning achievement, so to speak. :) Let me tell you about her for a second. She was one h*** of a beautiful baby. Soon after her birth we moved to a new house that would turn out to be the source of one of our sorest trials but most blessed growth experiences, and I'm sure we couldn't have done it without Katie. The Lacy Lane house (see picture) is where Katie earned the nickname Running Bear because she often got returned to our front door, butt naked, by bemused neighbors who happened to spy her shedding her diapers and gleefully setting out to explore the wideworld of Lacy Lane. Katie was our "angel baby" who, in direct contrast to her nickname, was a holy terror to try and control during sacrament meetings. Oh, the memories of chasing her wicked fast, stubborn little self down the halls of the Charleston chapel...

She's only 16, yo. Cool it.
 At age three she was relegated, with the rest of us, to a pink two-story house on Alamosa Way, where she grew up into the amazing young lady she is today. Bright, hard working, blonde with lovely fair skin and HUGE crystalline blue eyes, my bebe sister Katie is now a junior in high school, and coming into her own. Sometimes I don't think I know what's going on in her head but I like finding out. Katie texts me when something's up at home, or when she's bored, when she's thinking of me, or every so often she sends me a really awesome, artfully decorated email transcription of the highs and lows of high school. Several mornings a month I wake up to a bubbly text greeting from Katie that I know has also been sent to, and happily received by, our three other siblings, who are all away in the great metropolis of Provo. Thank you, Katie,  for keeping the family ties tightly knotted.

When describing my family to new acquaintances, I explain Katie like so: "And that last sister of mine... she just... well, she doesn't even need us, she's this determined little powerhouse! She had her Young Women's medallion by the time she turned 13, can you believe it!? We are glad we have her. She will be the first one of us to earn a million dollars as some CEO somewhere, mark my words. She can do anything."

Wee, Ynny, KayKay
I like her-- no, love her-- because she wakeboards like a fiend, dresses like a diva, stays cheerful like an angel, and yet can deliver a fiery tongue lashing on cue. She swam for one month and raced a better 100 fly than I could ever dream of (No, seriously. Family records SHATTERED).  Her homecoming dress this year was black and white, just like Marie's and mine were (and boy do we look GOOD in fancy B/W dresses). Most important of all, Katie stays true to what she believes in. Whether it's creating a coherent animal print bedroom (something I could never rock), or explaining with clarity and conviction her gospel beliefs, she is a such a lady. She has probably stopped reading by now because of embarrassment. No, I don't have any particular reason to be celebrating her tonight-- her birthday isn't til April-- but why should that stop me?

The point of my ramblings is, one of the happiest memories I have is just the memory of feeling her kick. That should tell you how neat she is. She is an important part of my family, an entity which, in Harry Potter 3 and in real life, proves again and again to be the most life saving, magical force in the universe.



MOM said...

So Lindsey, I hung up the phone with you, after you read this post to me, and told Katie to go check out your blog. A few minutes later she came walking over to me with giant crocodile tears in her eyes. :) Thanks for loving her so, and bringing her, and your parents, so much joy. Sibling love rocks!

Marie said...

Katie is one of the best people I know. I don't know what I'd do without her. Thanks Katie for being a definition of pure wonder and beauty!
I love you!

Katie said...

I honestly dont know what to say. Lindsey, you have a way of putting things in a way i can only dream of! You all make me so happy! i love my family so much! Lindsey it is so sweet and dear to me that you can remember your first moments of me. It would be great if i could remember what i did 2 weeks ago let alone before the age of 5!
Mom is right. I came over to her with water in my eyes,and silent. I never knew that you wanted to know what was in my head. You would get lost anyway! Its a mess up there!
i never thought i was the "crowning achievment"! expecially when i locally got the name as Running Bear (which i am super proud of!), and like you said "in direct contrast to her nickname 'angle baby', was a holy terror"!
thanks for believing in me you guys! i truly love you and appriciate our love in our family. We are AWESOME! :)

jbroclayto said...

Best family ever. katie, I cried a little too. You have an amazing sister.

Raunee said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sister! Your family and you are so awesome!

Olsen Family said...

Who doesn't love Katie or Marie or Lindsey? All beautiful, wonderful young ladies. If my Lilly turns out like you are and will continue to be, I will be the happiest mom around! Thank you for your examples of righteous living.

Judy Anne said...

Katie, I am so proud of you and honored that your middle name is like my first. You have always amazed me...Lindsey is right, you can do anything and you do it with great style and grace. Lindsey, thanks for the beautiful thoughts about your sister. I wish I had a baby sister too.