Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rules of Chillin

For Kathryn the Energizer bunny, who does not know the joy of unproductivity

1. Start by walking into your room and donning your sweats... with NO intention of working out.
2. Go to your fridge and look in it multiple times for funzies... After a while pick something to nibble.
3. There should be at least four tabs open on your browser: facebook, an interesting link someone posted on facebook, and two or more of your other internet guilty pleasures. (if you are not a big internet surfer, some suggestions include,, the nytimes style section, cooking blogs, or Guys, I'm really enjoying Cougartown. There. I said it).
4. Ideally, you should have a roommate and friends around so you can discuss such non-pressing issues as kissing, your next grocery run, the eternal work-out-or-not-work-out debate, and what would happen if the squirrels of DC attacked Virginia.
5. Text Somebody!
6. If there is a couch, sit on it. If there is a footstool, or a coffee table, or pretty much anything foot level in front of the couch, put your feet up. Use the remote.
7. If you are lucky enough to have a significant other, CUDDLE CUDDLE CUDDLE! Do it baby. Take one for the team.

In short,

You MAY:
Listen to music
Be outside on the grass
Be on vacation
Pop popcorn
Fall asleep
Be Happy

You May NOT:
Learn stuff you will use later in life
Burn calories (except from laughing or chasing squirrels)
Accomplish anything you had intended to do when you got up this morning
Grow old before your time

Any questions??



Milan said...

hahaha i LOVE this.

You may NOT: Burn calories (except from laughing or chasing squirrels) <--best rule ever.

MOM said...

I wish I could've watched Tangled with you and Ashley and her little girl she nannies! I think I'll go to Costco today and get the movie, now that you mentioned it, and try some of these "chillin'" tips here. But first, it's time for my nap. :)

Lauren Kay said...

Awesome! I will have to take each of these to heart and probably practice a little too. :)

Amanda said...

Dude, I love this. Profound, truly. And by the way, I am in AWE of your sugar fast!!

Katie said...

Love this! You are awesome. Wish I could be chillin' with you right now!

jbroclayto said...

HEY! I WAS trying to study...trying being the key word. AND I do have pants on. Just for the record.

Marissa said...

New goal: learn and master these rules.

Love you!