Monday, April 11, 2011

My immaturity comes out in full bloom at Costco.

Scene 1 (two weeks ago)

I see the Tangled DVD on sale at Costco, grab it, hug it to my cheek, and start jumping up and down and squealing with delight. Two stodgy middle-aged men next to me stare disapprovingly.

Scene 2 (almost every time I go)

Everyone else shepherds heavy carts of stuff to the checkout, while I stand in line with a lone milk carton, a veggie, and sometimes a cheap DVD on the ground in front of me. Sometimes I open up my new bag of Kirtland dried fruit and EAT IT right in front of other line-standers to feel like even more of a Costco renegade. In your face, baldy!

Scene 3 (EVERY TIME I go)

I have to suppress a giggle when I pass these in the frozen section:

Because I always, ALWAYS, read,





Lauren Kay said...

Oh my gosh. Spanktopia! That's HILARIOUS! I will have to think of that next time I see it!

MOM said...

Arghhhhh!! I miss you! I can just see you giggling and all your little rebelliousness. Waaaaahhhh!

Erin said...

Awesome. Costco is seriously like Disneyland to me because I don't have a membership. So when I go I want to get every sample, and I get so excited about the huge amounts of everything. Spanktopia is so good.

Judy Anne said...

You bring joy to yourself and others...laughter is a wonderful Medication!!!