Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sooo tired... but must report:

I got a job as a "Museum Teacher" at the National Building Museum! (That interview I told you about a couple weeks ago!) It won't quite cover all my living expenses out here, so I'm now on the hunt for job #2, but one step at a time, peeps! Let's take a moment to celebrate! It keeps my foot beautifully in the museum-world door, and gets me great experience teaching art: I teach kids all about the wonders of the built environment, from bridges to geodesic domes to Roman arches and back... it's really perfect for me, with my family background in architecture and my professional aspirations in art education!

The National Building Museum is a GORGEOUS old 19th-century factory-turned-museum in downtown DC, not too far from GW, with a cavernous, cathedral-like atrium, where I will be conducting my lessons with my kids, like so many mice (See picture at left). The lessons are all really hands on: like in one of them the kids use real--safetyfied-- power tools to build a 12' tall model home! There's a bebe constructing an arch in the lower lefthand corner of this picture to help you visualize. The kid in me is positively wriggling to get started! Thanks for your prayers, those who prayed for me. And, I feel to mention, please let me know if there's anything I can do or pray for, in any of your lives. I've been feeling very far away from my friends and family lately, with school coming on and the realization that, holy cow, I'm here to stay, and I really WILL only see the West and those I love most only a handful of times a year. Hence, you let me know. It makes me feel closer to home (so basically, yes, I'm being selfish in my asking :) K it's past my bedtime. Nighty night.


maggie said...

CoNGraTULaTiONs Lindsey!

Good luck with all the upcoming exciting things happening for you!

Olsen Family said...

Congrats!!! Yeah for you. We are so happy you are staying East. Someone to visit with and see every so often!!

MOM said...

What a blast! The building museum looks SO FUN!! You'll do great. And we're praying for that second job. :)

Raunee said...

I'm so happy for you Lindsay! Good luck with everything!

Jayci said...

hurray for fun and fulfilling work!! I hope job #2 is as fun as this one for you. ;) i'm so excited to hear all about this when you begin!