Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once in a great while...

So I'm not one for canvassing my contacts list for donations, but this is a cause I feel strongly about, so I'm putting up a link requesting your help (sacrifice two Diet Cokes, chew 4 fewer packs of gum, hunt for change around your couch please, you'll know what to do!):

The Out of Darkness Walk is a fundraising event for the SLC Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I give my money and ask you to do likewise (any amount is appreciated, and 100% tax deductible- just search for my name or the team name For All The Good Times) to support the cause. I'm giving in honor of my darling friend, the president of the SLC chapter, and the tireless organizer of this event, Miss Ashley Crist, who lost her brother several years ago to suicide. I'm constantly amazed and humbled by the amount of courage it takes to press on in this beautiful life even after suicide overshadows it. Keep going. AFSP helps research, educate, and design prevention initiatives to reduce the loss of life from suicide and help families who've endured it. Thanks everyone!

^Shamelessly stolen from Ashley's Facebook albums... seemed like a fitting image.


MOM said...

Good stuff Linds. We'll see what we can do. How's Ashley? Is she all done with school? Say hi to her next time you talk. Love you!

Jayci said...

i think this is a great cause. :) it does look like a fitting image.

Ashley said...

I LOVE you Linds! It was so good to talk tonight--and yes the only time I found to check this out was 5:00 in the morning--crazy!

I love you and can't thank you enough for your support--it's like a big hug from across the country from a best friend who has seen the real life struggle.

You can shamelessly steal images from me anytime you want :)