Thursday, August 27, 2009

If Mona Lisa Smile and Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a baby... would look something like this chilling American-art-world opinion piece (Thanks dad! I'm still shuddering! So scary. And awesome.)

(^Only time you'll ever see Obama OR a Dark Knight illustration on this blog. Mark My Words.)

PS *****GIRLY ALERT****** The following two posts made me cry (good cry) so I'm posting them for all the girls out there, who have the same abundant amount of free time I've apparently enjoyed this last week, and who are tired of reverting to Little Women or A Walk to Remember in order to get their feminine cry session over for the month.

Post 1- Jayci, my darling, unique, creativity-infused friend from Palo Verde, became a mom earlier this month! Hers is the most touching, honest, and beautiful post I've ever read on any friend's blog before about motherhood (note to all: it's the play-by-play of the day her son was born.) I really appreciate hearing and thinking about the sacrifices of motherhood from a real-time vantage point, from a real-life colleague and friend. I'm so proud of her and so delighted to see just how sublime and how worth it those sacrifices are, to those who wait and plan for it with their families in the proper, patient, and faithful way. Congrats, Reeder family!

Post 2- The love story of one of the brand-newly-married authors of, a blog by four Mormon women in various stages of adulthood (one of whom I know from my singles ward out here). The line about cake vs. bread also had me shamelessly in tears in front of the computer... well, that line, and the two beautiful pictures. If you didn't know already, I am a MAJOR sucker for weddings; I cry at pretty much all of them, I save all my friends' wedding announcement photos, I don't really ever get tired of reception/engagement/bridal shower gossip, and if I come across a wedding photo album on facebook, you better believe I click through each and every photo... even when I don't know the couple! (Ok, that one sounded a little pathetic. Like you don't have your own guilty pleasures! :) After reading this post, can you blame me? True love has the ability to lift up anyone who gets around it!


Ashley said...


Jayci said...

:D Lindz... i'm flattered. I love that you loved that post. I loved living through it! I love remembering it.

Post 2 was delightful. What a sweet, long-lasting love story. I love real-life when and its happy beginnings.

and... scary picture! ha ha!

MOM said...

I finally made it through the American-art-world opinion piece. This stuff makes me angry and sick. Do they think we're stupid? I guess you'll have to step in and slow that political art machine down, and turn it around, back to where it belongs. Think you could do that for us, honey?

Anyway, the two girly alert diversions were a nice rip out of the icky state of mind! I'm so happy for Jayci. I hope to see her again someday...her family too. And the love story was great. Life is full of surprises. :)

Here's to loving you, my DC girl. You're doing wonderful things.

Judy Anne said...

I love Girly things. Maybe this is because of the dirth of girls in my life. Thanks for sharing your love of all things beautiful. (however, the first pic is not...I repeat NOT in this category)

MOM said...

PS- Is that a big see-through "water-bed" type thing that this little girl is crawling on in your main picture? curious. Where is it at?