Monday, October 1, 2012

Prologue to a new project: "Breaking out of the Draft folder"

I found out that blogger keeps all your drafts in their own special folder, and I had a bit of fun going back and reading posts that I'd pulled from publication. Most were pulled because I'd felt they were too open, or too real, to keep up. Looking back at them months later, I actually enjoyed most of them (although, some WERE pulled just because they were total crap). I decided to publish a few of the better open and thoughtful ones at long last. GET READY.

On a related note, yesterday I was talking to my friends Megan and Rachel about the art of blogging. Megan, see the list on the right to find a bunch of DC people's blogs to stalk. :) Rachel said yesterday that she doesn't want to create a blog for the very reason I listed above; she's afraid she's too open. Now, Miss Rachel is one of the most interesting people I know out here: a deep thinker, with incredible style, and a passionate heart. The girl is a linguistic anthropologist, for heaven's sake! She researched the foundations of language! It's mostly for her that I put up the following old pieces, not to persuade her to either make a blog or not, but because her words inspired me to take a deeper look at what I wrote when I was most open. I remember some of these being so fun and/or cathartic to write, and I see now that the act of writing them helped me greatly to coalesce and coagulate my thoughts about certain topics I was very passionate about at the time. In that way, my blog has really been a boon to my personal progression. What I'm really trying to say in this prologue of a post is: I'm glad I'm a writer. That is all.

Gethsemane, by Richards.
Oh, and I found this RIDICULOUSLY good and genuine article by the only Mormon artist I really care for, J. Kirk Richards. You all should read it, especially if you have any kind of opinion on nudity in art:

WHY ARE YOU PAINTING THOSE NAKED LADIES? Or, What makes me think I can go to a nude drawing session on Saturday and then go to church on Sunday?

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Aaron S said...

That article is so good! If only more Mormons (and highly religious people of other faiths as well) thought that way.