Friday, October 5, 2012

{From June 10th, 2012} Letter to God

Last week RS Pres challenged us to write a letter to someone we love and compliment them. I chose God. I debated whether or not my letter would be appropriate to publish, but then I remember how many oodles of assertions are out there in the interwebs saying that God does NOT exist, and that emboldened me.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I bet when I get to the other side I will feel like I barely got to know you at all while here on earth. I like that you said as much in the scriptures: "For now we see through glass, darkly," "My ways are higher than your ways," etc.

Whenever I try to compose a mental image of thee, the picture that always comes to my mind is the one Mom imparted to me, the same one she holds in her eternally youthful heart: she believes in you as a creature-- no-- a Father, full of love. For her!

And so I feel. It hardly seems fair to know thee as a good and kindly Father, with all the unfairness in the world that makes so many people mad at you, but that is how you bring yourself into my remembrance. Thank you for that gift. And you know what? When I think of you as loving and tender towards me, like one of the kind, caring bishops or stake leaders from my youth, I am inspired to be better, do better, and think better. All because I feel you love me. Thank you.

When I think of the gift of your love, manifested in the brilliance and beauty of your son, and also in every kind word ever spoken to me by your other children, I feel a renewal of my commitment to thee. I love thee and admire thy beautiful works, and I get to partake of a little bit of thy love for thy wonderful children when I remember to serve them. What a work, to create such a family. I'm sorry for our failings, which cause you pain I cannot fathom. I thank thee for every good thing, and every trial, and every tender mercy thou has sent me. I feel so rich at my 26 years of age and I know there is much more to come.

We had a wonderful testimony meeting today. Almost everybody spoke of the hope, and comfort, which they received through thy son. I'm excited to follow him. I always feel a stab of fear after I assert things like that, so I always follow that declaration with the petition, "Please bless me with the courage and ability to do any part of thy will that I won't like." And then I believe- I know- that thou will not fail me.

You are a great God.

Your daughter,


Brittany said...

Lindsey! I keep thinking about you, ever since you commented on my website and I wanted to thank you for being so bold in your testimony and goodness on your own blog/and facebook and also for your kind support in your comment. How are you??

I've been thinking about your comment - you should have one of my paintings! So, let's figure out a way to get you one.

Judy Anne said...

You have a beautiful mind and spirit. I love our Father and look forward to talking with him-face to face. Love you muchly

Olsen Family said...

I love this idea! Thank you for sharing. You always brighten my days!

Marie said...

I love you Lindsey my sister. I have been reading your blog for about an hour today and they always bring me such SUCH joy, inspiration, encouragement, laughter, the Spirit, deep thought, recognition, and I could go on. Oh i love your brain, and you. Thank you for your sweet thoughts. I love this letter to our lovely Heavenly Father. I will help you publish your blog one day. I will. People must know the amazing mind and heart of Lindsey Christensen.