Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Celebration of Ann

I am thankful for the opportunity to pray for my mom today, as part of my "assignment" given to me by my Relief Society teacher. I have been praying for her much more since I've lived out here in DC, but I intend to unleash some really FUN prayers this week on her behalf. I understand her and empathize with her experiences, her pain, her hopes, and her faith so much more when I talk to Heavenly Father about her. Heavenly Father absolutely adores her.

So do I. I have always been a mama's girl. There are people in the world who are meant to be mothers, and my mom was one of those people. You can't imagine what it was like to be raised by such a selfless, imaginative, thoughtful person. I just want to stand up and lead an audience in applause for you, Ann. You did it!!!!!!!!! I can officially say that this week because Katie, our youngest sister, has just graduated high school and will fly the coop in a few weeks. My mom will have finished a large and probably the most physically taxing stage of motherhood. And what an Amazing
job she did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it prideful of me to say she was effective? I say no. My brothers and sisters and I have all gone to college or will shortly, we are as close-knit as they come, and I think they are all pretty cool, sweet, funny, devoted, brave young adults. Mom wins!

Thank you, Mom. You are so beautiful. Let's keep living life together, shall we? One step at a time...

Baby me and mom, at the National Gallery of Art ca. 1987
Ok this isn't even her kid, but it shows how warm she is and how she instantly forms bonds with little people.
I kiss my mother with that mouth, yep.
 Love you mom. Love you, all my friends who are moms. Thanks doesn't really cut it for all the work you do, but thanks nevertheless!!!!!!!!!!


Olsen Family said...

Your mom is amazing. Love you aunt Ann!

MOM said...

To my "momma's girl", Lindsey!! Thank you! You make me blush. I don't deserve you! Thank you for your prayers, your generous comments and love, your kisses and hugs ...they fill my cup to overflowing. It was full to begin with! And yes...let's keep living life together....ALL of you cool, sweet peeps. Yay for families are forever!

MOM said...

PS- I love you too Maria! Happy Mother's Day. You're wonderful!