Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Cobb and I play #SpottheShuttle, we play to WIN!

For the West Coast friends that are soooo behind the times (jk. I only heard about this yesterday), the space shuttle Discovery was piggy-back strapped to a NASA jet this morning and flown from Texas to Virginia, where it would retire at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum, located out by Dulles Airport (about 40 minutes from downtown DC).

This morning the whole town was abuzz with shuttle sightings.

I asked Cobb's parents to let him play hooky from baby art class,and away we went, to witness the final nail in the coffin of every kid's astronaut dreams as it soared beautifully through the morning sky.

The plane was to make four passes over the DC area, to the delight of all those poor sad office-bound creatures down there. Meanwhile, Cobb and I raced the Rover down the VA-28 highway until we couldn't go any further through the traffic. We pulled over and climbed a hill covered with spectators and wanna-be cameramen, pulled out our own camera, and sat and wait. Here's the fruit of that labor:

Where is this space ship you speak of?

I lova dis face. Note the bomber jacket. Very fitting for today.

There it is! It flew rather slowly. Like, I thought it was going to fall out of the sky it was going to slow.

Discovery's final piggy-back ride. First booster engines then jet planes, that space shuttle sure is a lazy little space plane.

And he has a little minion plane accompanying his every turn. Bye bye shuttle. Go be historic now.

Best part of the day: I decided to beat the toll roads home by looping up through the Dulles airport, and we drove through the airport RIGHT when it was touching down after its final pass!!!!!!!!!!! I have superb timing!

Shuttle! This is the Arrival Gate! Oh, I guess you're allowed to be here today....
And that's my story. Thanks for playing.

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MOM said...

Whow!...take my breath away. What a treat! Those pics were awesome. I can't believe you guys got to see all of that...and such timing. Sweet experience!