Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This being a responsible citizen is just not working for me.

I have this list that's been building up in my head all summer of the mature, sensible things I suspect other youngsters my age and religious bent are doing that I'm not. They're all responsibile actions, the kind that benefit the doers' mental well-being, as well as their roommate relations, dating lives, future job opportunities, health, and probably their future spouse and kids's welfares and probably even impact their eternal salvation. Yet, I lack motivation (though not desire) to pqarticipate in the following actions/:

-Put money into a Roth IRA.
-Kick sugar back to its place at the TOP of the food pyramid where it belongs.
-Go on dates outside the ward boundaries.
-NOT go on Google reader 10x a day at work.
-Floss daily.
-Drive my own car or bike.
-Develop "hobbies." (Gol that is maybe the ugliest word in the English language, next to BLOG)

I laugh in the face of flossing- hahahaha!

Instea, I get fired up abou an alternate set of goals. These are my heart's desires that probably not ONE of my sensible friends have considered doing, which ultimately makes them all the poorer (at least in spirit, in my opinion). Ahem.

Quirk list:

-Go on a date with a DC-area homeless man (Imagine the stories he could tell me!)
-Be a homeless woman (twelve moves in the space of two months- CHECK.)
-Earn a superfluous $40k degree.
-Go wading in a public fountain in every major metropolis in Europe.
-Donate the full value of a luxury car to charity before buying one (a tall order that I've had in place since I was 19. I figure it's a good way to check my pride whenever I start telling myself I DESERVE a $40k BMW).
-Jump off a bridge (a low one, into deep water, the East Coast version of cliff jumping. NOT suicide)
-Rock a pink streak in my hair like a high schooler.
-Get my yoga instructor license from some random school in Florida.
-Get married in the temple wearing Vans (used to be Chuck Taylors, but they're too popular now).
-Publish a blissfully nerdy scholarly article in some minisculely-subscribed academic journal.
-Date a collegiate Lacrosse player.
-NOT go sky diving (I have no desire to, ever. I know my limits.)
-Promote this event wherever possible: http://candlelightserenade.com/ If you live in Utah, GO to this awesome concert-- check out the A-list headliners! I'm so impressed with it, and I would be even IF my wonderful friend Genna weren't directing it! It's for an amazing cause, and it'll be a rocking summer jam session. If I were in Utah, I'd be there.

-And finally, cook the following. Ok I'm cheating, I've cooked all these already--I LOVE summertime recipes and I just wanted to share the bounty! Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for being my #2 distraction website after Google Reader. Click the pictures to get the recipes. Make #4, the roasted red pepper sauce, immediately. It might very well be the best thing you ever cook!

Bon appetite, to all you good citizens out there.


M.C. Sommers said...

Your goals are way more fun than any of mine, especially the whole dating a homeless man one.

MOM said...

Oh my gosh...Pioneer Woman!! What a crack up! She's awesome! Love her narrative and all the pictures showing you every single step. She's a food "Lindsey". I think if you did a recipe blog, this is how you'd do it. She loves food like you love art...and life! (Of course your love for food is catchng up mighty quickly :)

Erin said...

Linds, I love all your goals but the homeless man one. I want you to still be alive and un-molested.

Judy Anne said...

You can date a homeless man, but only if he is homeless like you were homeless...that way he is not creepy!!

Marissa said...

Networking - pish, posh... who on earth would do that?!


You my dear, are a unique and awesome individual. I love that you are you and that you will do all of those things at some point. I also appreciate that those goals are yours and I can support you from a distance because we are just different people. Just makes me love you even more...