Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'll Follow You Into the Dark*

*Lyric from a song I actually hate, it sings about being content to fall in love and then just die, believing in no afterlife. Man the song sure is catchy, though, and it certainly means to be meaningful to its audience. But I believe in a much grander purpose to this common (well, sometimes uncommon) human experience called love. Eternal families, baby! Made in places like these:

I've been thinking about going there, not quite yet maybe but soon. I just turned 25, that's the generally accepted age when Mormon women who are not getting married or going on missions may enter the temple to receive their endowment, which is a set of covenants with God, like a baptism.
I've got a little deep thinking about this decision yet to do, I want to feel 100% ready to go in before I go. It's an amazing place; the spirit of God is always there, in its sweetest, most peaceful form. It is an almost tangible presence, which I feel whenever I get near a temple or even just look at pictures of them like I did today at church and tonight, here in my newly-painted room. The temple just feels... heavenly. Like the normal stresses melt away when you're there and you can think about what is really, truly important in this life, which kind of thinking leads you to speak to your Maker, whom you always sense loves you so much.

Wow, I actually didn't mean to write all that as I sat down tonight and opened up blogger. But there it is, and just on a secondary, more secular note, my internship at NLEM is winding down this week, though not before I got to participate in a sweet tactical training simulation and weapons target practice session at the District Police Academy on Friday- SO AWESOME! I shot a multitude of rounds with a Smith and Wesson special something-or-other revolver (the gun cops used til the 80s), a .23 Glock semi (the current law enforcement ordnance), and an M-16 rifle (on both fully and semi-automatic settings). I also "shot" a bomber in my simulation. My trainer was really impressed, he said most the cadets either miss and kill the hostage or miss and hit the bomb their first try. Nope, I got off a clear head shot (yikes, I know...). I have to admit, the whole process was very scary for me, I didn't like going into the simulation not knowing what scenario I would encounter. Thank goodness for real law enforcement officers who face unknown evils every day and have to make split-second decisions with MULTITUDES of factors, known and unknown, playing in.

Ahem man some wild tangents here tonight. So, I have made the decision, for a number of reasons, not to go back to the building museum to be a teacher this year. I love that job, but I want and need a little more stability during this second year of grad school. So it's back to sending out resumes like leaves on the wind, hoping for something part-time with stable hours, who knows, maybe something in another area of arts or management that will continue to help me prepare for a good career. Wish me luck. And have a great week! Oh, and because I feel like I need to leave you with something more, I would like to introduce you to the article that FINALLY made me understand what POTUS stood for (don't call me stupid if you're a politco and know it already. Just shh and read). This made me laugh harder than I have for a very long time (unfortunately I was at work when I read it... BAD). The entire McSweeny's website, FYI, is solid gold, it's soooo witty. Although the occasional inappropriate comment and/or swear word does appear, you've been warned.

.... my heck the topics on this post really run the gamut. Next week I suppose I'll speak on tempeh and Richard Meier. And maybe throw in something about Toy Story 3 or Chacos, I don't know. Eclectic surprises await...
PS. President Of The United States.


MOM said...

Good morning Lindsey. Loved your thoughts on the temple. We look forward to going there with you. :)

Man, what an opportunity to go to the Police Academy and shoot some rounds! The men in your family will be green! (Okay, we girls are too.) Anyway, I'm thrilled for the unique opportunities that come your way and that you always embrace!

Good luck on the job hunt. I know you'll find something good. And thanks for the enlightment on McSweeney (where do you find this stuff?)...and the meaning of POTUS. I didn't know what it meant either. (I know...shocker.)

MOM said...

PS- Maybe you weren't meant to be an artsy career woman. Maybe you were born to be "Mrs. Smith" and shoot up the bad guys!!

Judy Anne said...

Lindsey, I don't know if you will ever be 100% sure before the temple, only after. The Lord works on faith before the knowledge. I would love to share that experience with you.
PS I didn't know what POTUS was either.

Raunee said...

Good luck with your decision to go to the Temple, you will know when the time is right for you! I hope you find a great job that makes you happy!

Jayci said...

Big decision is right! But so wonderful. What a great decision to take up your thoughts. :) And nice job on the kill shot! SOO impressed. You know... Mark still has a brother - 25! I think we need to rub elbows soon. We could always use some more lady shooters for the Reeder Ranch Thanksgivings. :o) !!!

Marissa said...

LOVE the temple. I loved it before I went, but the feeling the day you go and the overwhelming purity of the love of our Heavenly Father is just perfect. Perfect in EVERY sense of the word.

As for POTUS - I still love you and I'm happy to give you a tutorial on other political lingo to pull out during C1 parties to help fit in with the awkward/political crowd :)