Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 609ish

I passed the year and a half mark of living in Virginia not too long ago. Let me tell you, it is STILL a constant surprise, one heck of an interesting and surreal experience, for this Vegas girl to be out East. It still feels like it's just some weird cultural stunt or experimental phase I'm going through, rather than my home, my landing spot. (Anyone else feel like that?) Weird. Good and bad. Crazy, frustrating, and curious. Occasionally blissful (particularly when there's food and friends involved!!).

This afternoon I was looking over my pictures from summer 2008 and reminiscing- my gosh that was probably the happiest, most serendipitous summer I've ever lived. I remembered so clearly random fun times like this:

and this:

And this:
And this:

^ That boy comes home in 5 weeksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. :D Family is just about the most magical thing in the world! Seriously, every time I've noticed a frown on my face the last couple weeks I've just envisioned seeing Marcus at the airport and away goes the frown and up goes my mood. I even discovered that plotting out an epic prank for Marcus' first day home motivated me into keeping a record pace on my long run this weekend (Apparently the secret to successful sports therapy is playing the glad game. Who knew?).

After browsing around my pictures a little more, I got off my computer, grabbed my camera, and documented a little bit of today, Summer 2010. THIS is what's happening in my world currently (as promised to the parents and the BFFs). Let's hope this thing works, I don't do videos:


Because I feel like I haven't talked about art in MONTHS, below is a print from Urban Outfitters (I am ashamed) that really struck a chord with me, which is a pretty big accomplishment for anything visual at the moment; I've been trying to fill that blank picture frame you saw in the video, and it's been so hard to decide on only one image! When you only have ONE shot, one frame, one place of exceeding importance and honor to put something visual, the pressure is INTENSE! Yikes. None of these former loves will do, but I think this print below may be the winner. Well, actually I've got a plan to create a digital print of my own in a  similar design, with a sketch out of the Las Vegas mountain range instead of these random mountains.  Any other suggestions, friends? What's on YOUR walls these days? Anything new?


MOM said...

Hey! You took us back to June 3, '09 to see your old favorites. Sweet! I think the LV mountain range sketch out is a cool idea!

Thanks for the tour of the house! It looks like a happy place. So glad you're loving it and your new roomies too. :)

PS-Do I have a special ring tone??? hahaha! (no worries...I know I'm "mamma" to you!)

Jayci said...

Loved the video! You are so funny - and your voice has changed!!!! You're so mature now but still have the fun Lindsey sound effects. heehehee

I do like that Urban Outfitters print. Really interesting. made me sad though... The first thought was that the real mountains are going away while people move to more modern mountains (aka city skylines).... sad because soon (in a year) we'll move away from these gloriously mountainous mountains in Alaska. I will drag my feet and claw at the ground! ... :)

PS - new on our walls - Peace Be Still by Arnold Friberg. Mark's gift to himself. He's lucky I like it! ha

Judy Anne said...

Fill your walls with whatever makes you happy! Maybe the Mormon girl pic that you posted a little bit ago that has you and your fav temples and Mormon stuff.