Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something Blue

I've been feeling a little blue lately, maybe it's the oncoming fall, or the post-move boredom (there's nothing else to paint/fix/hang?? REALLY?) so I decided to make a dream board, a la 8th grade, of all the things that remind me of the life I love to live and the person that I ultimately want to be.

And I'm going to make this dream board digitally, on this blog, in several sessions. Get ready yo.

Chapter 1- the Long/Snow/Wakeboarding Princess. You know how you see some older ladies and it looks like they just got stuck in one fashion and lifestyle moment years ago and have never moved on? 2004 would probably be my year (if I was that obtuse). I will always wish I could still rock my studded belt and skater kicks and spend my nights competing in Krispy Kreme donut eating contests, stuffed in the back of a Jeep with 6 boys.

Timeless 2004 memories include:

I get a broken nose, 10 stitches, 4 staples, and sprained wrist while longboarding (Provo Canyon, I still love you). I also attended the most perfect concert ever, The Starting Line, MXPX, and Yellowcard... with some random guy from Idaho I had picked up while headed to Snowbird. He had a perfect shag haircut, was preparing his mission papers, and the night was pure punky bliss. I had exactly 4 favorite articles of clothing: my grey Volcom hoodie, my black Starting Line sweater, my oversized BYU sweats, and my DVS's. I plan on asking God to resurrect my grey hoodie and my DVS's with me in the millenium. No seriously.

Good times. Next chapter: the world traveller.


KentandLieren said...

Lindsey I just wanted to thank you for making me smile and laugh today :0)! I hope to see you in your grey Volcom hoodie in the millennium too!

Raunee said...

I'm sorry you were feeling down, but what a great idea to help you feel better!

MOM said...

So what decade am I stuck in? haha! Of course I'm probably a mix: hair...80's, clothes, hmmm...too generic to decade you put Berkinstock's in. Makeup?...the decade that gets credit for "yes, some". But I did buy a couple groovy (not 70's) tops at Ross the other day. Aunt Cheryl was proud of me, and Daddy likes them, so that counts for something! :)

Just stick me wherever my cool family is. Now that's heavenly bliss!

Jayci said...

hahaha - I love your mom! That concert sounds like FUN!

Judy Anne said...

2004? not a bad year. In my den where my compter is are pics of me at 16, 18, 21, etc, and I like the 16 year old that makes me a 1972 babe...that is old!