Monday, April 5, 2010

Cartoon me

According to the other attendees at a recent Sunday game night, I am more this character

than this one
I wasn't sure I could fully appreciate this characterization, but then I realized that it pretty much describes me to a T at this juncture. Also, I realized I can be grateful my friends didn't vote me in as this:

Have a wonderful post-Easter week, y'all. I sure love my religion, and my Savior. It's always wonderful to be reminded what great things he really did, and how he really feels about all the people in the world. I want to be like him the most.

.... Ok I'm not done yet. I'd been waiting to see if any picture of the Savior jumped out at me this season that I could share with you, and I found one on another art blog. The author does a much more thorough and thoughtful job of explaining why it is such a wonderful work, and so I'll just link the photo to that blog, no need to add on my superfluous commentary. Again, Happy late Easter!


Judy Anne said...

Thanks for the great pic of our Savior.

Jayci said...

Happy late Easter to you too. We just watched Ghostbusters the other day - SO funny... I love that Bill Murray man in that movie. I'm glad you were more Tasmanian Devil than that scary green slimy guy. :) At least you LOOK more like Cinderella.