Monday, March 29, 2010

Elder Marcus

My little bro (serving a mission for our church in Florida) is the BOMB, he is so funny. His letter this week was so classic that I just have to replicate parts of it here. Note that some of it shows we definitely come from the same art-analytical family background:

I also read up on Abinadi and his enduring ever-faithful testimony and sticktoitiveness to preach the gospel. And I've noticed again, that he probably wasn't an old man. Probably a younger guy. And King Noah was DEFINATELY not a big fat dude, with a palm tree on his head, and with babylonian shoes like Arnold Friberg portrayed. The guy has an epic long battle up a flight of stairs. If he was a big jabba-the-hutt man, he'd have a heart attack and die the first 3 steps up the tower. I think we really need to switch all the "famous book of mormon pictures" done by Friberg, and put in Walter Rane's work. He's undeniably my favorite LDS artist. I used to like Liz Lemon Swindle alot, and still do, but Rane's work is verrrrry appealing to me, and have a much broader sense of realism, and a much greater scope of emotion. You should look up his work. Tis good...

...Have a blessed week. Work out your own salvation. (emphasis on the work, not just say, "save me" and your good) I'm getting really tired of born agains. We've talked to alot lately, and I'm tired of proving them wrong. :) YAY!!!!!


Elder M. Dewaine

(Me again) So cute. And maybe a little prideful. And still so cute. My error-laden blogger upload thing won't let me show you the two pictures he's talking about, Walter Rane's Abinadi Had Testified and Arnold Friberg's scene of Abinadi testifying before a very chubby King Noah (couldn't find the actual title of that work, either... there's way too many dodgy blogs out there citing this image improperly). Oh well. Probably for the best. Have a great week!! :)


Eric said...

Art is groovy. Thanks Linds, thanks M, Dewaine.

from google images:

Walter Rane's Abinadi

Arnold Friberg's scene of Abinadi

Judy Anne said...

I think he is awesome too. So, what cartoon character are you today? I feel a little bit like Piglet!