Friday, April 23, 2010


6 days left. My 25 page paper looks like this ^ so far.

Yes, it's almost 7 pm on a Friday night, and I am blogging. Because that's the point of these things: to be myself, in writing, on the web. Well, the above picture is most certainly me at the moment. Forcing myself into the close quarters of the library all weekend so I could get some real headway on this final paper. As I explained to my missionary brother this week, I like to think of my assignments as my "sheep." ("I wanna be a shepherd." "A Shepherd?" "Ya. I wanna get some sheep and tend to them." "Get out of my office." What movie??) Ahem. Jesus told--no, invited-- us to pray over our flocks and our fields, well, these little things are what I cultivate, just one sliver of all I dream of adding to the world. So, I'm praying. And brainstorming like H***!

I got a queer sense of enjoyment out of this exercise- scratching out postulations with chalk on a board like some math geek (only my theories revolve around art and beauty). What do you know, the old school method has a few advantages! Mapping out my arguments across a planar surface, erasing and rearranging them where necessary, actually helped smooth out a lot of the mental road blocks I had on the path to that glorious "A." Knock on wood.

I should be getting back to work now.

Friends, I have some news for you: maybe one of the other reasons why I felt oddly delighted to be at that chalkboard this morning is that, in the middle of my scratching, I got a phone call from a staff member at the National Law Enforcement Museum, who was pleased to offer me the summer archival internship that I interviewed for earlier this week. I am THRILLED with this opportunity! The NLEM is essentially a "museum-without-walls" right now; it has a staff, and a collection, and a very important mission, but no permanent building. They're in the middle of a capital campaign to raise the money to build a permanent home, underneath a park in downtown DC (in a similar fashion to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Berlin by Peter Eisenman, which is amazing...). The NLEM will be right near the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial, a beautiful space directly across the street from the National Building Museum!

"Archives??" you are thinking. You don't know me that well. I actually have a fairly decent background in working with primary documents and collections from several jobs past, and it is only about to get better! I am juuuuust OCD enough to really be good at organizing thousands of documents at a time, although the stack of papers and books scattered around my apartment argue otherwise. I am so excited to tell you what I see and what I learn as I go along this summer. GO COPS!

I'm just a wee bit thankful this evening for the opportunities that I have at the moment... and I feel like I am almost ready to start building up a newer, bigger, and more fantastical set of dreams. (AFter fiNaLS). Because if there's one thing I've learned in the past few weeks/months/years... life is always going to surprise and delight you. If you ask it to.

Time to go.

PS A big, heartfelt cross-country hug to DaniandDave, MeganandJared, and Mike, Jess, Lilly, and new baby Peter! I love you guys SO SO MUCH!!!!! (And to Jess, who has been steadfastly offering up her brother's hand in marriage this past month so that I could come home to Utah this summer :) Sorry to disappoint... next year maybe. PS I love you!


MOM said...

Pretty darn cool Linds. When would they like to have the museum completed? You are becoming quite the museum expert...all types of collections!

Meanwhile, good luck with your "sheep". I like the chalkboard approach. Congrats on the discoveries its brought to you. I look forward to reading your paper!

rachel said...

Wow your jobs sound wonderful to me. Law enforcement treasure! I love seeing you learn and watching your dreams come to life.

M.C. said...

Congratulations! That sounds like an awesome job! And goodluck with that paper :)

Raunee said...

I'm really excited for you! Good luck with your paper! I know you'll get an "A!"

Judy Anne said...

congrats on the job! I am glad you have discovered the black board trick. It can morph into the white board and color markers if you are not careful.