Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock, Hard Place

Yesterday I started writing about the crazy volcano images we're all looking at, then I switched in quick succession to such meh topics as my archival work, the Owl City concert I'm attending in two days, faith, how to efficaciously commiserate and simultaneously commemorate the scourge known as finals week, and, again, how much I miss my family, particularly the funny ones. None of it made the cut ("ODviously!" What movie??).

This morning I crafted a near-perfect facebook status, but my reluctance to actually join the human race in their online drivel-reporting prevented me from hitting the button and committing to its publication. (The status, in case you're dying to know, reflects my somewhat jaded view of online social media. It reads, "I love/hate the Lakers/Jazz/finals/sunshine/my boyfriend... [random inspirational or movie quote]... listen to my bands X,Y, and Z... [narcissistic link to my blog]... and the worst thing ever: Look, FB- my baby pooped!")

What I'm trying to communicate through this list of the past 48 hours' worth of half-baked thoughts is that I am currently suffering from both writer's block and writer's overload. I need a fresh jolt of creativity... and also, less mental stimulation. Maybe at the end of next week, after I have exhaustedly handed in my fatty papers, I will know peace and smart writing again.

It has an end, right, void? If you are reading this and have no finals, are enjoying the freedom to work and earn money, or watch a movie, or use your mind to contemplate whatever you want, give thanks!!!

That being said, here's a few pictures from a recent art event I attended (Hat tip Maggie and Caranine)... because when you've got nothing else to say, when the words come slower than frozen ketchup out of an old school glass bottle, pictures can still spin an interesting story!

Best regards,
Thoroughly Modern Lindsey


Raunee said...

Good luck with everything! You are awesomely wonderful!

Jayci said...

Lil Bit o' Sass. HAHA Lindsey You are the best. AND very pretty, I might add; I love that lellow coat. I give thanks every day for my stay-at-home lifestyle. I truly am grateful! But I still think you have a great thing going. :) You are one experienced lady! (thoroughly modern, I might add.) I heart you.. thought you'd love that. HA!

MOM said...

So I've been drawing "fairies" and super hero girl cartoons ("Sweet" is our girl's camp quality we are emulating, so the drawings are very cutesy (SP?)), so does that count as freedom to do whatever I want? Yes, me thinks. And so I give thanks. Meanwhile, I shall pray for your brain and your nerves and your ability to once again weather this wacked out semi-annual event you go through! Hang in there cutie!! Maybe we'll get to HUG in 2+ weeks!! That's worth working for. I love you! MOM