Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Re: The Approaching Summer

Dear Spring,

Oh, you are a good friend to me. The best. Holy cow I'm a whitey!! However (and I'm just bringing this up cuz I don't want to lead you on), you need to know, and I'm sure you already suspect: I am waiting for Summer. I only have eyes for Summer. Review my summer obsession in posts a, b, c, and d.

It's coming. Blue skies and clear water approach. I could sing!

With a lil' bit of luck... my summer adventure will be in the West. As a student, I am free to bounce around the globe in off-campus months, and so I am in search of summer jobs in the Rockies, preferably in the Salt Lake or Utah valleys (or Vegas...). I want to come HOME!!! :)

And for whatever reason, I keep thinking it's a good idea to let you, the blog buddies, know! I guess if anyone knows of a good four-month job that I, a very flexible, enthusiastic, and patient part-time teacher, computer cataloger, research assistant, customer service representative, former executive assistant, writer, Excel spreadsheet maker, receptionist, and cookie-baker extraordinaire could do, and do well, please by all means, email me and let me know! It would mean so much to me. Thank you!

Enjoy the day! PS Winter. You're outta here. :)


Raunee said...

Summer is too hot, but I'm definately not a fan of the snow! It would be fun to see you this summer if we could end up in Vegas at the same time.

MOM said...

I can't get over those blue-violet flowers! Stunning!

Yes...come home! We want you too, even if we have to take second to Utah. :)

Love you, MOM

Jayci said...

I think you should continue on the tour guide route and join the trains (or ships) in the north north west. :)

Judy Anne said...

Come home, I would love to see you.

I america said...

Hello dear cousin. Have you thought of Chicago? I would so love a visit. And Chicago's wealth of art would benefit from your eye and your blog. We're talking a 9 hour drive or a 1 hour flight, and completely free accommodations.


P.S. Your words are lovely.