Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blown Fuse

"What are you thinking right now?"
"I'm going to blow a fuse. Our ward is too cerebral. Have hope, talk to God, and enjoy your life! That's all we really need to hear."

-My itchy emotions during a nebulous, too-theoretical discussion in Marriage Prep last Sunday.

Introducing some American Tonalist painters: Homer Dodge Martin, Thomas Dewing, and George Inness (well, technically, Inness was only Tonalist at the end of his career, but that's getting a little too deep...). These artists were all about venting their emotions, too. But theirs are a lot more peaceable emotions, I think. And certainly more picturesque:

Homer Martin. A North Woods Lake. 1867. Oil on Canvas.

Are those two mini sailboats or just whitecaps at the bottom, center? I'm intrigued... Also, way to go on those clouds, Homer. Me likey.

Thomas Dewing. White Birch. Ca. 1896-1899. Oil on canvas. Washington University (St. Louis, MO) Gallery of Art.

Can you see the white??? I'm a little blindsided by all the green. But, as always, I am a fan of any poetic and illustrious-looking ladies running around wildernesses :)

George Inness. Lake Nemi. 1872. Oil on canvas. MFA Boston.

No words for this one.

To be a Tonalist, one must be concerned in painting with achieving harmony in colors; no jarring contrasts, no flaming bright switchbacks between light and dark. In 1905, Clara Ruge, early art critic, put it succinctly:
"Here, then... is the motive that the Tonal School has made its own. The arrangement of colours must be kept in harmony because it must reproduce not merely the facts of the landscape, either separately or in mass, but, rather, the effect of the scene upon the painter's feelings, the emotion it evokes. Not alone the grass and the trees, with whatever delicate recognition of gradation of colour, but the mood, of which they are the embodiment and cause, is to be transferred to the canvas."
I'm really feeling little in my writing-about-art powers. Writing-- powerful, descriptive, assertive paragraphs and prose-- is the tool of my trade, and I can't concentrate long enough on any art article to learn anything about it from the masters! I blame the Internet (as I go back to Googling my Tonalists... when I'm supposed to be researching them :)

Have a fabulous day!
PS. Click on these images to get them really big. They'll blow your mind!


Lauren Kay said...

I'm loving this post today. I love the paintings. You make me want to quit my job and go back to school. Also, my roommate LOVED Sunday School this past week. (I did not go to that class, or our ward for that matter.) But, as she talked about how much she liked it with me I got more and more stressed out. Didn't sound like my cup o' tea so it was good to hear another perspective.

MOM said...

Your big picture at the top of your blog is exquisite! I like this "Tonal" stuff. And I think Homer painted "reflections" of the two swishes of paint in the clouds. (Not sure what THOSE are.)

Lake Nemi looks like something out of Sense and Sensibility. Let's go trapsing down that path, shall we? Beautiful. :) Love you!

Jayci said...

ooohhh I love oils!! And like your mom I just LOVE that picture up top. I think you need to have that print hanging in your room somewhere. I love it! :) And I have been loving our emailing. Thanks, Lindsey!