Friday, February 26, 2010

Probably belongs in a journal but Hey! Why not?

Do you ever meet people that just make you feel smart? Not because they are praising your intelligence, but sadly, because they have a view of the world that seems... uninformed, or just dumb to you?

On the flipside, do you ever meet people that make you feel like a country bumpkin, or a child, or a plain old idiot? Not because they're slipping facts about their ivy-league education into your conversations (although I've come across a few of those in my day...) but because their ideas seems grander and their capacity to DO seems like 1000x bigger than yours?

I've met people that made me feel like both sides recently, but I don't really like separating them in such an unfair dichotomy! These are my own weird stereotypes, and that's all they are, I know it. In the base regions of my heart, I fully believe that all people are created by a God who absolutely loves them for who they are, for every unique strength they have, and even for the weaknesses they have, because He made them that way (like Punchinello the Wemmick in that one book that's awesome that I can't remember the title of...). I need to recall that people have the potential to work through their weaknesses and work towards Him, and for that and myriad other reasons, He loves his kids. My gosh, lately I just really want to see people like He does.

Right now my only weapon is to pray for charity (I can't go wrong with that, huh? :). "Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature... for the Lord seeth not as man seeth. For a man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." That's how I'd like to be. But how DO you get to see people's hearts when you're meeting them at parties and they just fill you in with brief stats like where they grew up and what they do and where they went to college... and that's all?

Here's one more Lindsey stereotype coming down the line: East Coast people don't like to let their freak flags fly. I think that's what's bothering me right now. I like to be a little bit different than everyone else, and I usually don't care who sees it. In the west I surrounded myself with friends who do likewise, and we pretty much lived out one of the colorful, fun Owl City songs I've got stuck in my head this week. I think I just need to get a grasp on how other people like to be out here. I also need to quit whining :)

Because none of this really, truly matters. Today's post is a wee bit o' gibberish that just needed to come out. I'm growing up, ironing out what is best in my character, and what is not. Welcome to my bumpy road. Someday soon, mark my words, I'm going to make a break-through in connecting to this hard-as-rock East Coast lineup of acquaintances. I'll see people better, light them up, and hopefully look on their hearts! Maybe they'll see mine, too, and like what they see.

Fact/Resolution: It does not matter what you wear (annoyingly trendy or disturbingly outdated), nor does it matter if your parents are rich, if there's a MBA behind your name, if your bag is genuine Fendi, or if you speak only in sign language. I should not, will not care if you never rise to prominence, gain notoriety, amass spectacular levels of wealth, or if you have limited language capacity, education or wit. You have the capacity to love. And thus, you are amazing. That's really what counts. Hopefully you use that capacity. I'm certainly going to try better to do so. Dear hipsters, bums, clueless tourists, and overbearing business-y folk who are too grown-up for their own good, I'm sorry for the rolled eyes I have shot your way recently. I'll try to smile next time. You probably deserve it, what do I know? Until then, I remain,

Some contemplative girl in your midst


MOM said...

If I had to come up with a suggestion, I guess I would say "Look into people's eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul. Make sure you have eye contact with them, and them with you. Then you'll see only them, and not what they look like, etc. Try and see their spirit in there and help them feel comfortable to open up and share it with you. I love when that happens, and then, somehow, we make it pass the "where I live, what I'm studying" wall.

You're the woman Linds. I like how you think. Keep growing and sharing. I love you!

Marissa said...

Hey Beautiful!

Your mom is right - I think the other thing we do on the East Coast is we never get past those initial questions. Or once folks are classified nobody takes the time to dig deeper. You're an artist, I'm a politician, etc. I think initially you should start asking deeper questions.

The other thing is C1 is social overload - you could meet a new person every single day and some party if you really wanted. Break it down and get to know fewer people deeper and when you have a handle on who they are start adding more friends into the pot.

As for freak flags - you obviously missed mine flying and the flashing lights to draw attention to it. We're all just a bundle of awkward and eccentric trying to put on suits and talk about current events in hopes that nobody will notice or think we don't belong. The funny thing is that we're all in good company together if we'd let the guard down.

I love you dear! You have a good heart and good intentions. Heavenly Father will bless you for that. Temple next Saturday before partying?

Raunee said...

You are such a wonderful person! I think HF wants us to look inside ourselves once in a while so we can continue to become the person HE wants us to be. I love reading your posts! Love ya!

MOM said...

Katie thinks the name of the book is "You Are Special"...yes?

Jayci said...

I love your uniqueness... and if it makes you feel like an unbumpkin, I feel so enlightened when I read your witty posts. :) I love your wordage.

Amanda said...

Linds- you are one of those people who even though you fall out of contact with, you always love. Your personality, style, and flava are pretty much my favorite. Hope you always feel as great as you are, no matter what is going on around you. So glad I found your blog to stalk ;-)