Wednesday, November 6, 2013

R-rated conversations with 4-year-olds

I laughed hysterically today at the following conversation I had with Cobb, and I needed to share it with some grown-ups:

Cobb: Andy and me and dad are boys. You are a girl. 
Me: That's right! I'm a girl! (He's never really understood boys/girls difference before)
Cobb: You have giants in your pants
Me: Giants?
Cobb: In your underwear. You have giants in your underwear. Like mom!
Me: What?? Giants?
Cobb: Me and Andy and Dad have penis in our pants. You and mom have giants.
Me: Oooooooooh... Yes, I have a vagina in my pants, like your mom.
Cobb: It's a store!
Me: Whaaaat????
Cobb: Our store is a giant!
Me: ................................... Oh. Yes. The grocery story we go to is called Giant. 
Cobb: We go to Giant today?!?!?!


Camille said...

HAHAHA!!! I love kids.

Marissa said...

I think my favorite part is his enthusiasm to go to the Giant at such a young age. Dangerous and hilarious! Ha!

- 'Dash' said...

Stop. Haha. this can't be real, IS IT?