Tuesday, October 15, 2013


"[My son] has taught me that children do not exist to honor their parents; their parents exist to honor them. My time with Ronan has been shot through with light, laughter, and, above all, a love that has stripped me to the bone. Along the way, I've learned the bittersweet truth of parenting's ultimate goal: to love our children wholly and truly, without conditions or strings, while learning to let them go."

Having been a pseudo-parent (nanny) for two and a half years now, I was incredibly moved and saddened by the excerpt from Emily Rapp's book about losing her son to Tay-Sachs disease at age 3 (in this past March's Vogue). I thought this quote was a gem, something all of us should take in to ourselves whether we are parents, proud aunts and uncles, or just a friend to the beautiful little people in our lives.
My two little friends!

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MOM said...

Ultimate goal addendum: .... raising them to want to come home and visit after you've successfully let them go. :)