Sunday, October 13, 2013

I've been busy...

Watching general conference with sickie Russell... I offered him tampons to stave off the runny nose, but he opted for manly TP.

Russell's sweet parents Gary and Carla took us to see the world's biggest movable radio telescope! It's in a valley in West Virginia, and the the whole town has no wireless devices or cell phones or anything of that nature because the dish would pick it up!!!

Imagine Dragons concert!!!

BYU v. UVA game. This was the only pleasant memory from that game. If you were there, or tried to watch it on tv, you know why.

Sunday afternoon trip to the Botanical Gardens! My favorite picture of us :)


Camille said...

Okay, I like all of this. A lot.

MOM said...

Busy is good. :)

Kent and Lieren said...

You guys looks so happy! Love the picures and art posts! Is Russell coming out to Vegas for Thanksgiving with you?