Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh hey. I finished grad school 6 days ago. Would you like to know how I feel about it?

Now you know. It feels Pretty. Dang. Good.

Also, on Friday I got nailed with a nasty flu bug that took full advantage of the fact that I didn't sleep, eat, exercise, or do anything else proper or kind to my body since before Thanksgiving, so right about now I look more like this:

Also, whoever hacked into my computer a month ago and aided "me" as "I" sent the following message to myself, thanks :) It entered my inbox at just the right low point!


Aaron S said...

Congrats on finishing grad school! Now you'll really get to enjoy your Christmas break!

Katie said...

yay!! congrats on finishing. You are a stud. A very womanly stud. :o)

Ld said...

I just thought I would remind you if you forgot. You are a magnificent star.

Judy Anne said...