Monday, December 3, 2012

On Keyboard Landmines: A Note from the Art Historian's Lair

You know what I loathe/find hilarious? That awkward movement with your keyboard when, months after you've picked a research topic, you realize there's one landmine of a word, which is imperative to your argument, that does NOT roll off your fingers easily as you type.

Like that time I wrote about Edouard Manet's The Railway. Try typing "Edouard" three times a page for twenty-five pages, see how long it takes you to get used to that letter combination. I was still going all, "E D U A bcksp bcksp E D O U A R D"  20 pages in. To this day, I recite the letters under my breath whenever I jot down his name.

In my thesis, the word was Menelik. Although that was kind of a fun combo, like a mini roller-coaster for my fingies. Didn't take TOO long to get used to, M E N E L I K.

In this week's final paper, the word is "Reliquary." You want to write Relicary, but you can't. At least my poor little "Q" button is getting some attention. Next week's final paper has two keyboard landmines: KEHINDE and FEMININITY.

I comfort myself at every snafu with the knowledge that my nail polish this week is bomb:

Matte blue polish and a meta blog. I'm all style.

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Maggie said...

I totally get it. It gets worse when you are dealing with french accents and switching back and forth between a Mac and PC everyday/evening. And how about my favorite word of the season that I still have to google EVERY SINGLE TIME because despite my minor in French, I still don't know how to spell it: hors d'oeuvres.