Thursday, January 19, 2012

Men in tights

UPDATE: pic of us attendees, thanks Lauren!

Went to see a ballet by Les Ballets Trockaderos de Monte Carldo company last night with a bunch of ward girlfriends (groups pics to follow shortly on THEIR blogs, links forthcoming). There's something a little funny about these dancers, see if you can spot it:

Yep. All male. All en pointe. It took about 30 minutes to get used to seeing MEN in tutu's, but you got over it as soon as they started really getting down; these fellas/ladies/fladies can get DOWN!This has to be the best ballet I've ever seen, not only for the sheer technical spectacle and athleticism of the dancers (Assisted extensions! By a GUY!!!!!!! GAAAAAH!!!) but also their ironic and funny performances and characters, which really livened up what is often otherwise a too-serious sport. See: the following solo,

I know the one thing we were all wishing for after it was over was to see the dancers up close (some of them were REALLY beautiful, and it was only the lack of uh, cleavage, that made us remember from time to time that they were men), so here, for everyone's edification, is a mini-mentary of the company. Enjoy. And watch out for them to come to your town, they're well worth your time and money!


Aaron S said...

I wish I had known about this! I'd have gone to see it in a heartbeat!

jbroclayto said...

Holy cow! you were telling me about this and I didn't get it. That was AWESOME! (said like the little girl on despicable me.)

MOM said...

Oh my goodness! Hilarious and amazing! (Loved the "molting" tutu.) The technical is so impressive...his being 'on point' for SO long! I just love parody, and these guys are spot on!