Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Describe your ideal day- Ok I'll play.

PS Above is my most favorite header I've had in a long time: Doug Wheeler, light installation artist, everyone. Mmmm.

Above the Clouds at Sunrise. 1849. An early Frederic Edwin Church painting from his days when he still retained traces of religious symbolism in his landscapes (Notice the vague cupping hand shape of the clouds). Ever since I first saw it two years ago, I have wanted a poster of this painting to wake up to every morning. Simultaneously tranquil and majestic.
(The following is yet another inspiration from the girl who writes Healthy is Always Better.)

My Ideal Day

-Wake up warm, rested, and headache-less at sunrise

- Reese's Puffs mixed with Cheerios in my blue striped bowl. While sitting in bed. Listening to General Conference talks.

- Put on a skirt.

- Cobb's in a good mood and runs to hug me when I come in.

- Text from crush in the morning. Because, let's face it... crushes are the second thing I think about after I wake up.

- Drive Cobb around in my boss's sexy Land Rover and pretend for a second that it's mine. Then remember that I am getting PAID to drive said car, and subsequently cherish my own life all the more.

-Text someone I think could use a bit of encouragement, renew a friendship as a result

- Get off work early and metro to GWU Library, where beautifully illustrated books from InterLibrary Loan sit waiting for me, holding in their new glossy or old delicate pages tons of fascinating information that supports my budding thesis topic perfectly.

- Good workout at the GWU gym with a friend who is only slightly better than me to motivate me.

-Walk home from metro in the sunset (Preferably 68 degrees or warmer, this is important :)

- Get all gussied up while listening to my muse, Alicia Keys

- Go out to eat at one of the new and fun restaurants in the area with friends/boy; intensely thoughtful or side-splittingly funny conversations ensue

-Stroll around DC/VA neighborhood in which restaurant is situated. Find a cute piece of architecture and take a picture of it to send to dad.

- Say focused prayers and then go to sleep with much to look forward to the next day


Hannah said...

Linds, absolutely LOVED this post! It was a pleasure to read!

M.C. Sommers said...

I love this. Mostly because your ideal day is realistic and productive and wonderful. My answer would have been: sit on the beach all day with Nate and a stack of books and a few trips to the snack shack. The end.

You are such a better person than me.

Aaron S said...

That does sound like a very wonderful day. I hope you have that day soon, especially because we'll all get to enjoy the 68 degree weather with you.

jbroclayto said...

I love you.

MOM said...

A knock out lesson where the kids "get it" and feel the spirit. Talking to every single one of my kids and learning about their fun "stories". Eating one of dad's amazing lunch specialities...with him of course. Having all the laundry folded , and put away. A sweet warm and comfy, uninterrupted nap. Having Katie come home pumped up cuz of talking to friends and a boy. Having energy to enjoy cooking or baking something. Better yet, going out to dinner with good friends, and watching a happy Eric interact with them. Putting together an awesome lesson in a relatively short amount of time, so that I can go snuggle with Eric and watch a great Netflix show. Going to bed knowing everyone's safe, healthy and happy.