Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I'm never, ever late for movies

1. I love previews, like, as much as whole movies.
2. I love titles sequences; they're like artistic microcosms of whatever movie I'm about to see. I MUST be on time to the movies, because the critical analysis side of my brain gets a free 3 minutes of free-for-all dissection-- "why did the director choose to show this? Why that font? Imma have to buy this soundtrack! Ooh I like that shot!"-- before settling into good old fashioned American movie-zombie mode.

I loved this video, it showcases some of the most famous title sequences by the brilliant Saul Bass. Watching it, I really get a sense of how cutting edge each of these graphics must have appeared when they premiered. What an amazing career. The list of movies corresponding to these clips is found here.

The Title Design of Saul Bass from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

Of course, the most celebrated title sequence in recent memory is this one (you know you haven't seen it a while, let it blow your mind again):

What are your favorite opening credit sequences? I know I'm missing dozens of good ones... I'm thinking Hitch first of all, oddly enough. It's just so cute!!

Just for kicks, here's the greatest ending  sequence I've ever seen. Pixar must have an art history major on staff. I kicked back in my seat til the end of these credits, shouting out the names of each artist as they came along and laughing my head off. Isn't there anything that Pixar CAN'T do??

I wrote them down for you. It's a slow lunch.

Lescaux cave paintings
Egyptian hieroglyphics
Greek funerary vase paintings, the Black-Figure period
Roman/Pompeiian mosaics
Leonardo’s sketchbooks (he sketch the movement of falling water)
Michelangeo’s St. Peter’s Basilica blueprints
Venetian nautical paintings (highly celebrated for their ethereal sunlight and water)
Pointilism! Georges Seurat, everywhere!
Expressionism, vag Gogh- Look at those sunflowers!


Hannah said...

This is probably one of the coolest and most interesting blog posts I have ever read! Loved it! Found it fascinating!

Aaron S said...

I feel like you would be fascinating to watch movies with, and more so to discuss the movie afterwards. Such an interesting point-of-view!

MOM said...

Wow...that was fun! From Saul Bass (Hitchcock's man!) to Casino Royale (totally remember being blown away by it), and then Wall-E. Didn't remember that, but then watching it here, it was so cool! Thanks for giving us the list of art forms. Recognized the looks, but didn't know their formal names. Anyway, thanks always make me smile! :)

Erin said...

Loving the previews is one of the (sort of few) things Chris and I both LOVE! When we watch a movie at home, we never start it until we're both sitting down watching, because we love the previews so much.

And the end sequence of Wall-E is the best!!! I love it too. Also you.