Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sightless friendship

Found this in the introduction to this year's RS manual, about the teachings and life of George Albert Smith (President of the LDS Church from 1945 to 1951). Already I love this book. I learn best by watching the examples of others, and this man was truly a saint. Nearly blind his whole life, he was a zealous advocate for the blind in Utah in addition to his calling as a General Authority. This is a poem of gratitude and friendship a member of the Society of Aid to the Sightless wrote for him to honor his service:

When Life beats hard with stormy hands,
And bitter teardrops fall;
When friendless Winter chills my soul,
And empty echoes call—
’Tis then I turn, with eager hope,
My steps though spent and lame,
To find an understanding heart,
Where burns a friendly flame—
A heart where gentle Wisdom dwells,
Compassionate and kind,
Whose faith in God and man has taught
A like faith to the Blind. …
Although his tender loving face
From us is shut apart,
We see the gracious wisdom
Of his understanding heart;
We feel a peace within his soul
And know a peace our own;
We hear his silent prayer that tells
We do not walk alone;
His faith in us will give us strength,
As unseen paths we plod;
Our souls uplifted by a man
In partnership with God.

As I have mentioned many times, friendship is one of my favorite things in the world. It has the capacity to reduce trials, color grey days, and enliven and enlarge one's soul. This is the level of friendship I will strive to show to others!

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MOM said...

I shall try as well. :) I remember studying George Albert Smith a little bit. He was quite the good and kind, giving man.