Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two things tangentially related to OWS...


No more finals = the ability to think and be thankful for random things once more.

I'm thankful that finals are over. I'm thankful even though TWO computers died right out from under me during finals and left me sensationally bad-tempered for a day and a half (LOOOOONG sad/hilarious story) I was able to semi-resurrect at least one of them and finish my paper nevertheless. WOO!

I'm thankful that I still get to participate in this kind of care-free life when I'm playing with Cobb:

Their costumes remind me a little bit of OWS protestors, hence this video's appearance in this post. Its youtube page tells us that the kids in the video are all related to the filmmaker, and that they worked for pizza :) The whole video cost $150. I love the fact that beautiful and moving things can still be created by the little guy.

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Aaron S said...

That is a wonderful video, and it makes me so excited to see my nephew and nieces this weekend, because we run around and play like that.