Monday, October 24, 2011

Specifically for Milan, but you can enjoy, too.

1. Because her style reminds me of you- girly but sassy (See also: her King of Anything video). Do you own a good leather jacket? I feel like you should
2. Because you're an art historian and I can't remember if you appreciate dance or not but MY little art historian heart loves her dancing
3. Just Because

Happy (ha.) Monday, everyone!


Milan said...

hahaha thank you!! this made me cry and giggle and smile...all things i needed right now!

i DO have a leather jacket (two!) and i DO love her dancing. but i think you left out the 4th reason, which was that my mexican self obviously appreciates the cholas and old, sketchy men...


Aaron S said...

Great video, and now every time I see it I'll be reminded of Milan, too :)

MOM said...

She reminds me of YOU!! That was fun. :)