Friday, October 21, 2011

Gmail baby love

Came home late last night to this picture in my inbox:

Nothing like best friends and best friends' beautiful babies to make a good day even better. I can't wait to spoil this baby in person!!!!!!!!!!! December? Yes. So help me...

PS Olivia's cuddled up in a silky bamboo fiber blankie that for some reason makes Jess think of me. I love that. I didn't even buy it for her, although I wish I had! The weather's turned cold now which makes me renew my obsessive love for all things blankie. This might be the winter I finally buy myself a snuggie and turn into one of those crazy people who talk about their awesome snuggies all the time. Guys, I tried one on once, it was AMAZING. Oh my gosh this winter is gonna be so good. Now, the only question is: go classic snuggie or panda variety:

? giving twenty-somethings a huge variety of retarded crap to blow their student loans on and wear to the Wall Street protest, since 2011.


mom said...

You make me smile!! classic or panda...hahaha!!

MOM said...

PS- That is the China I wish I could see. In my whole trip...THAT was where I wanted to go. But alas, I got the desert China. (Not that I'm complaining!) But Urumqi (sp?) looked a lot like the Las Vegas valley. But the people were so sweet! And I remember their eyes were BLUE cuz they had a little Russian mixed in with them, there living so close to the border and far away from the iron fist of Bejing. Anyway, I could look at this picture all day. If you go there some day, will you take me with you? Even if you have to push me around in a wheelchair? Course, I'm going to want to take a ride in one of their long skinny boats. hmmm...we'll figure it out.