Monday, May 16, 2011

Pollyanna Eyes

Lately, I have been trying out small ways to better my life (as much as I hate to admit it, I've even been browsing those cutesy "500 ways to brighten your day" blogs). As you may well know from reading THIS blog, I am an idealist, and as such, I have the bad habit of forgoing daily enjoyment for the sake of worrying about how I can better the world in the future.

Recently, my delightfully wise BFF told me she makes her decisions based on the criteria, "Will this make me happy?" and that was like a revelation to me. "You can DO that??? But... what about Ethiopian orphans? Washington politicos and their lack of touch with reality? The absence of basic art appreciation in America? What about my family???"

All in good time, my pretties. All in good time.

The following are the effective tricks I've been trying out to just get happy! Daily! I dare you to try one out. Or send me a new challenge I can try.

- Talk a stranger every day (Going two weeks strong with this and I'm likin it, and my neighbors and a few cashiers all now like me)

- Eat something green daily

-Take note of what your face looks like when you're home alone. Try to brighten that up by keeping your face how it looks after you say "Cheese Whiz"

- Make up impossible stories inspired by real life (I'm currently envisioning an epic battle between the DC and the VA squirrel populations. The dark and swarthy black squirrel who presides over my backyard is the hero)

- Find a good recipe, go grocery shopping only for its ingredients, bake, and give to friends

- Volunteer to babysit for married friends for free

- Enjoy quality time with a wee one, get down to their level (literally... try being 2 feet tall again. Gives you more empathy.)

- Start a savings account and add something, anything, to it bi-weekly

- Make your bed (this small act of orderliness totally makes a difference in my chi! And this coming from a girl who NEVER, EVER made her bed before age 18)

- Recite a positive mantra to yourself in the morning (it feels corny, but I go with the Young Women's theme. If that fails, I also have a Valentine's Day card I reread,
You really deserve the best! You are so beautiful, wise, and intelligent. Steadfast, true to yourself, hard working, COOL, INTERESTING :), lovely, and courageous- truly a great and wonderful person! I love you more than you know!
Sisters are so useful)

- Be honest today. With yourself, with God, with others

- Drink lemonade instead of water

-Use superglue to hold together your favorite shoes and REFUSE to stop wearing them (this one did not come from anyone else's list... it was inspired by my beloved Payless-Steve-Madden-Knock-Off-Silver-Ballet-Flats, age 7)

-Like Pollyanna, find something to be glad about


Erin said...

I'm doing these. Thanks Linds. You are so great. And I'm assuming you've seen this:

but I'll paste it to you just in case.

M.C. Sommers said...

I love this advice. I remember when we were first married, I asked Nate what I could do to make him happy and he said to make myself happy. It sounded really selfish, but it's amazing how much happier you can make others when you yourself are happy. I always love your posts.

MOM said...

Wow...You just made me smile! Thanks for the HAPPY blog! :) You're my hero Lindsey Ann. And definitely huge on my GLAD list. I love you.

To M.C.- Good advice. SO TRUE! We love to be around happy people.

To Linds- So, really? NEVER made your bed in 18 years? I think I saw it a couple of times.

PS-I'm glad you are now.

PPS- I make my bed every day. It does make you feel better.

PPPS- Try putting the bed in the middle of the room; it makes it super easy!

Judy Anne said...

smile a while and give your face a rest...I love the glad game!

Jayci said...

I totally smiled with the Cheez Whiz mention. :) I'm reading these aloud to Emmy so we don't feel like she's being forgotten while I blog-catch-up. It works. She seems to enjoy it. haha!